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Moving Hair - Switzerland

Pop Art, Rockabilly and the ultra feminine Parisian Style are the godparents to the new collection of fantastic hairstyles by Moving Hair - Switzerland. Classy and extravagant hairstyles are inspired by the vivacious vibe of the 60s and 70s. Shapes and colors are translated and transformed to very modern looks by giving them new contrasts, brilliant hues and newly defined form.
  • fashionable bowl cut
  • modern red hair
  • medium long hairstyle
  • natural looking waves
  • modern short haircut
  • silver hair color
  • modern mushroom cut
  • modern quiff
  • attractive male look
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A little provocation is the spice of the collection and the smooth, shiny waves contribute to the romantic, sensual element. Geometric lines are executed with laser sharp precision while round shapes are softly layered and heavily textured. Colors come to alive with the motion of the hair and are made to get attention. There is no understatement when it comes to the bright radiance of the silvery blondes, blacks, brunettes and the sassy red.
All photos ©Moving Hair - Switzerland
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