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Modern hairstyles and   hair colors
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Pop Art, Rockabilly and the ultrafeminine Parisian Style are the godparents to the new collection of fantastic hairstyles by Moving Hair - Switzerland. Classy and extravagant hairstyles are inspired by the vivacious vibe of the 60s and 70s. Shapes and colors are translated and transformed to very modern looks by giving them new contrasts, brilliant hues and newly defined form.
A little provocation is the spice of the collection and the smooth, shiny waves contribute to the romantic element. Geometric lines are executed with laser-sharp precision while round shapes are softly layered and heavily textured.
Hair colors come to alive with the motion of the hair and are made to get attention. There is no understatement when it comes to the bright radiance of the silvery blondes, blacks, brunettes and the sassy red.

Fashionable Bowl Cut

Fashionable bowl cut for blonde hair
A simple bowl cut reaches the higher spheres for fashion with a geometric intervention in the fringe. Half of it is eye-brow covering long, while the second half was clipped fashionably short.
The combination of the classic shape and the modernized version, both sharing the same hairstyle, invokes a whole new attitude and style. The smooth vanilla blonde with icy, silver effects and starlight radiance does the refined cut excellent justice.

Modern Red Hair

Modern short red hair with layers
Red hot and cut in smooth layers. This short look features the most refined design which comes with a forward motion and short, well defined sides that are topped by the seemingly liquid flow of the glossy top hair with its intense texture. A slight asymmetric increases the heat even more and makes this look modern and ready for the club or the gallery.

Medium Long Hairstyle

Medium long hairstyle with soft layers
Soft layers bring volume and lots of motion to this medium long hairstyle. Flowing from high on the crown, a gentle asymmetry underlines the fashion factor and teases our senses. The volume brings the shape to a luscious roundness which narrows again at the neck, where the hair is styled round and with wispy tips outward.
Cocoa brown with a deep light in plum and silverish moonlight sparkles is pure seduction made into hair.

Natural Looking Waves

Long brown hair with natural looking waves
Rock music and glamour were good friends in the 70s and are making a long-awaited comeback. Be ready for the next glam-rock event with a slinky frock and beautiful big hair. Her long hair gets all its amazing volume through layers and natural-looking waves.
Fringes are in focus again, especially the full and long ones. Dark is mysterious and even more when lit up with gentle highlight effects.

Cheekbones Enhancing Haircut

Modern short haircut with a graduated neck
Classic and then again not. You'll have to look twice to fully take in the inspired haircut that renders a famous predecessor of modern short hairstyles into a piece of geometrical, asymmetrical hair art. Sharp angles define the front and enhance the shape of her cheekbones. The short and graduated neck has a very elegant lengthening effect.

Silver Hair Color

Silver hair color for a short haircut
Sparkle, sparkle in the hair, who is the most beautiful out here? Make a flashing appearance dressed in everything that glitters and with hair that picks up the theme. Here it is a moonlight silver hair color on a smooth asymmetrical haircut.
A full back transitions into a finely graduated neck and the short sides with their clear outline seem to slip under the radiantly bright top hair which lengthens towards the front to form the long, diagonal fringe.

Modern Mushroom Cut

Modern mushroom cut for brown hair
The famous bowl or mushroom cut was made over with a few new tricks in the cut and lots of modern technique to create the intricate pattern in the hair color.
Layered tones of brown with effects in a light gold reveal a new pattern with every move and keep things exciting. The fringe is deep and styled to a seductively round edge, right above her smoky eyes.

Modern Quiff

Modern men's haircut with a quiff
The quiff is still there, but much spikier and deconstructed than the smoothly round hairstyle that inspired this creation. Sides and back are longer, yet still retain the rocking rebellion and bring it to a new age.
Disheveled glam in a brunette tone makes it easy for this young man to get attention and blaze his own fashion trail.

Attractive Male Look

Attractive male cut with hair flipped to the back
A touch of the lion never hurts and this boho style long and textured look is dangerously attractive. Much volume is generated through layers, and the styling is as casual as can be. Most of the hair is flipped to the back and scrunched into this delightful and deliberate messiness.
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