BLURRED by Raffel Pages

Masculine looks for women
A collection of Raffel Pages hairstyles inspired by the artist's workshop. That corner, an intimate and poetic place where codes and concepts are fused, where dissonance is welcomed and where true personalities can flourish to defend and claim their own style, creativity, and originality.
BLURRED is a minimalist collection, intimately inspired and strongly linked to emotions. With clear English style inspiration on one hand and a more musing and romantic inspiration on the other, creating a masculine look to accentuate femininity and an aura of intimacy.
The hair, both in cuts and texture, seems to be free. Hair layered in a natural way and finished with sinuous forms, seeking simplicity and minimalism.
As for color, the hair becomes a canvas where the brush strokes can be fine and imperfect or thick and incomplete, all fused but in harmony. With multi-relief tones and playing with the key color of this season, which is undoubtedly the tone of peach.

Look with Elements of Masculinity

Long brown hair with connected layers
This look is proof that long hair and elements of masculinity can complement each other perfectly.
The model’s chestnut brown hair has been cut into a very long, connected layers style. The hair around the face is especially layered and feathered by using thinning shears and a razor. The feathering around the face softens the masculinity of this hairstyle considerably.
The weight line of the cut is very heavy and thick, most likely due to hair extensions to make this style look even more impressive. The roots to mid-lengths are kept straight, while luxurious waves unfurl along the lower mid-lengths to the tips.

Style for Thick Long Hair

Hairstyle for thick long hair
Brown hair with golden brown highlights
Long hair look with masculinity
This look is much more relaxed and informal than the previous image, although elements of romantic masculinity and a sense of rebelliousness still envelop the overall style. The model's hair is very long and thick; most likely with the help of hair extensions.
Her hair has been backcombed extensively, with the surface of the hair gently combed with a boar-bristle brush to get that super thick, fashionably disheveled look. The colorist incorporated a light golden brown color around the face to lighten the heaviness of the look and add a sweet touch of charm.

Simple Hairstyle with Layers

Simple hairstyle with layers
Haircut with extensively thinned out bangs
This pageboy look seems to be all the rage right now. This hairstyle is deceptively simple yet stunningly aesthetic at the same time.
The model’s naturally medium-thick, wavy hair has been cut into connected layers on the top part of her head, with exaggerated layers at the back. The sides are short and styled to the front of the ears, as one would do with a short hairstyle.
The bangs are thick and have been thinned out at the ends, while the body of the fringe is kept thick and shaggy. A few light golden highlights add a shimmer to the length of the bangs.

Short Cropped Hair

Pixie cut
Woman with her hair sheared short
This hairstyle immediately evokes a fusion of military and Harper's Bazaar photo shoot styles. The model's hair has been cropped very short, particularly along the sides and back.
You will notice a very distinct "step" in length between the top hair and the sides and back of the pixie cut. The hair at the sides is sheared short enough that one can almost see pale skin showing through.
This type of extreme short length makes for a perfectly neat and structured hairstyle that thrives on precision. The longer, thinned-out bangs add a bit of femininity to the mix.

Long Layered Bob with Bangs

Long layered bob with bangs
This is absolutely stunning!
The model's hair has been cut into a long, layered bob with very thick bangs long enough to cover her eyebrows completely. The tips of the connected layers have been extensively thinned out with both thinning shears and a razor in order to create a super shaggy, feathery look.
The base color is a very rich, medium copper-red, while the stylist added lighter copper highlights along the tips of the hair, especially around the face.

Hairstyle with a Dreamy Frame

Long hairstyle with a dreamy frame
Long hairstyle with thick bangs
This is actually a cut and color that is not used nearly enough these days.
The model’s very long hair is kept one-length, although the tips have been thinned out slightly to reduce the weight of the hair. The hair at the sides of her face has also been feathered faintly to create a dreamy frame. Her bangs are thick, with a solid weight line that curves slightly inward to follow the shape of her forehead.
The medium champagne-ash blonde mix color of this hairstyle is one of the most impressive elements of the look. The play of colors between the tones showcases the entire style beautifully.

Gradually Increasing Hair Length

Gradually increasing hair length
Medium long back angled hairstyle
This style is a flawless synthesis of English romanticism and androgynous chic.
The model's hair has been cut into a medium-length style, with the hair gradually increasing in length from an eyebrow-level fringe to a shoulder-length back. The angle of this gradient is so gentle that the weight line of the style appears to be a smooth transition from short to long.
The stylist used his thinning shears flawlessly along the tips of the hair to increase the movement of light at the tips, without disrupting the seemingly solid weight line. The dark ash-blonde champagne mix once again accentuates the elements of this style.
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