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BLURRED by Raffel Pages

  • look with elements of masculinity
  • style for thick long hair
  • simple hairstyle with layers
  • short cropped hair
  • long layered bob with bangs
  • hairstyle with a dreamy frame
  • gradually increasing hair length
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A collection of hairstyles inspired by the workshop of the artist. That corner and intimate place, poetic, where codes and concepts are fused, where dissonance is welcome and where the true personality flourishes to defend and claim their own style, creativity and originality.
BLURRED is a minimalist collection, with intimate inspiration and very much linked to emotions. With clear English Style inspiration on the one hand and a more muse and romantic inspiration on the other, creating a masculine look to accentuate femininity and the aura of intimacy.
The hair, both in cuts and texture, seems to be at liberty. Hair layered in a natural way and finished with sinuous forms, looking for simplicity and minimalism.
As for color, the hair becomes a canvas where the brush strokes can be fine and imperfect or thick and incomplete, all fused but in harmony. With multi-relief tones and playing with the key color of this season, which is undoubtedly tone peach.
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