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Trendy hairstyles for long, medium length and short hair, created by Essanelle.

Short and Razor-Cut

Short razor-cut hair with a side parting
This short and sassy razor-cut look is perfect for those with fine to medium textured straight hair. The hairstyle features a soft, side parting with steeply angled and deeply textured bangs.
The layering is heavily textured to give a wispy finish to the ends of the hair. After the cut and blow-dry, a dab of product can be worked through the hair to give a bit of added definition.

Chunky Razor-Cut Hairstyle

Short razor cut bo hairstyle with chunky ends
Here is a variation on the classic bob cut style, great for straighter hair types. This short hairstyle features chunky, razor-cut ends. The style offers a contrast between the cleanly defined line of the bangs (horizontal, blunt cut) and the bristly-look of the razored ends on the sides. The style is blown-out and styled with a texturing product.

Short & Curly Hairstyle

Short hairstyle for curly hair types
This wild and free hairstyle is great for curly hair types. It's a short, textured style with soft texturing on the sides and nape area and cleanly defined curls in a controlled chaos type arrangement.
The cut is tapered on the sides and back, and textured by point-cutting the hair to give added definition. The hair is styled by drying it with a diffuser attachment and the curls are defined using a small amount of styling wax.

Short Tapered Haircut

Short tapered haircut with a side parting
Here we have a beautifully tapered haircut, designed for those with mildly wavy thick hair with medium texture. The cut is based on a "circle cut" with extra length in the upper layers, a side parting, and notch-cut, side-swept bangs.
The style is dried using a blow-dryer with a strong hold styling gel and round brush. After drying, apply hairspray lightly to set the style and gently brush away any flyaway strands for a polished finish.

Jagged Layering

Mid-length hairstyle with jagged layering
This is a soft, razor-cut mid-length hairstyle with a two-tiered look. The upper layers are blended into the lower length using slightly jagged layering for a soft, slightly ragged look. It's a great cut for women with medium to fine textured hair, and straight to mildly wavy hair types.
The style is best achieved using a blow-dryer with styling gel, and a dab of styling wax to add definition and hold to the strands.

Bob with Perfect Smoothness

Classic straight bob with perfect smoothness
The classic bob haircut gets an update in this beautifully executed style. This is a fantastic cut for fine to medium textures of straight hair. The cut features a center part and narrow fringe with a clean, horizontal cut along the bangs, and a clean, even weight line that is softened from the underside using a razor tool.
The hairstyle is finished by blow-drying with a firm-hold styling gel and round brush to achieve a sleek and straight finish, followed by the use of a flat iron for perfect smoothness.

Bob with Softened Ends

Medium length bob with softened ends
Another bob-inspired medium length haircut. This is a one-length design with an off-center parting and razor-softened ends. The cut is ideal for medium-to-fine, straight hair types.
The style should be executed with the blow dryer to give some root-lift and flat iron straightening to achieve a smooth finish. Use a light-hold styling gel or mousse so that the hair is mobile and not overly stiff.

Long with a Sleek Finish

One-length hairstyle for long sleek hair
This is a one-length hairstyle, cut with horizontal bangs that curve to blend into the side lengths and is razor-cut to soften the subtle layering that frames the face. It's a great cut for those with thick, medium to fine hair that is straight.
The style is best executed using a blow dryer and flat paddle brush to blow the hair straight, and a flat iron for a sleek finish. Use a smoothing/anti-frizz serum and light-hold styling gel for lightweight control that still allows for free movement in the hair.

Layered Look

Long layered hairstyle for wavy hair
Here's a long layered look for those with wavy hair types. This hairstyle features a center parting and horizontal fringe, while the majority of the length is layered and styled to maximize the hair's natural wave (or extra wave can be added).
The style is executed using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and volumizing mousse, along with a combination of a large round brush and finger manipulation (scrunching). A dab of added styling product is used to help add definition and control flyaways.

Textured Hairstyles

Textured hairstyles
These two hairstyles are heavily textured, layered styles designed to maximize the natural wave of the hair. They are great for those with wavy hair types. The cut is best styled using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and the fingers to scrunch and arrange the curls.
A strong-hold styling gel can be used to give maximum control, and a styling wax used for added definition.

Short Face-Framing Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with layering at the sides
Medium-wavy types will love the playfulness of this short hairstyle. The razor-cut style features a weighted line and textured layers to frame the face; the layering at the sides and back give movement and added energy to the style.
It features an off-center parting and is blow-dried using a round brush, then finished using a dab of product to control fly-away hairs.

Pixie Inspired Haircut

Short pixie haircut with close smooth styling
This gamine-short, pixie cut inspired haircut is perfect for medium to coarse and wavy to straight hair types. The cut features a side parting, slightly angled fringe, and close-to-the-head, smoothed-down styling.
Create this look using a blow-dryer and styling wax/mousse and a bristled brush. A light mist of spray and a wide-tooth comb adds a touch of definition to the finished style.

High Volume with Curls

High volume hairstyle with a mass of curls
This mass of curls is the result of a long-layered cut and volume-enhancing styling with a diffused dryer and scrunching using a styling mousse and the fingers to separate and define specific curl direction and position. A light mist of hairspray will allow for added definition to the curls and give some hold to the hair.

Back-Angled Side Parting

Long hairstyle with a back-angled side parting
Sleek, smooth curves define this long layered hairstyle. With its back-angled side parting and gently curved strands the look is sweet, yet sophisticated. The fringe is cut with a curving line, and the hair is layered on the lower third of the length.
Razor-texture and styling with a blow-dryer and sculpting wax allows for the creation of the tendrils that gently curve outward and frame the face.

Chunky Layers

Medium hairstyle with chunky layers and a curved fringe
This blond cap of silken strands is the result of a medium long blunt cut with heavily textured, razor-cut, chunky layers. The off-center parting and curved fringe area emphasize the softness of the styling.
The style is best created using the lightest styling products available, along with a blow-dryer and paddle brush to keep the hair straight. A very slight dab of styling gel worked through the hair at the scalp level will add a touch of definition to the hairstyle without losing the softness of the overall style.

Style for Curly Hair

Short hairstyle for curly hair
Here's another short style for those curly hair types. Angled cutting lines create a look with extra length in the top and crown areas that tapers to the sides and neck.
The mass of curls are textured using a steep notching technique and styled using a diffused dryer and scrunching with finger combing to create the controlled-mass you see. A soft misting of spray and a pat will minimize frizz and fly-away strands.

Funky Hairstyle

Funky hairstyle with heavily razored ends
Add one more hairstyle to the list for the straight and fine-textured hair types. The back-angled side parting and the heavily razored ends create a fun and funky style. Blow-dry the hair upward on the sides and back to maximize the volume, use a strong-hold gel and work around the perimeter with a styling wax to create the micro-fine detailing of the strands.

Shaggy Hairstyle

Short and shaggy hairstyle
This asymmetrical hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. This short and shaggy style increases in length to the top of the head and is razor cut for a soft, textured look. The style is finished using a blow-dry styling and sculpting wax to direct the hair into the casual chaos you see here.

Wind-Blown Look

Wind-blown hairstyle with box layering
Fine-textured, platinum locks look wild in this blunt cut with tons of box layering. The hairstyle features a horizontal fringe line and lots of razor texture, making for a soft finish in this wind-blown style. Note that this cut can be styled to create an ultra-sleek bob cut for a dramatic, yet sophisticated look.

Shaggy Styling

Playful medium hair with shaggy styling
This is a flashback to the days of the mop-top cut with a hint of shaggy styling and more than a touch of razor-cut texture. The soft lines framing the face from the fringe to the sides make this hairstyle playful, while being current.
The style should be blown out for maximum volume and finger-styled with a dab of product to create some definition and direction for the ends of the hair.

Bob with Texture

Short hairstyle for fine straight hair
This short hairstyle is a great one for fine straight hair types and features a woven parting line and chunky beveling. The effect is of a bob cut with added texture and movement. The style is executed using a blow-dryer with paddle brush to create straight locks which are defined using styling gel and wax for added definition and hold.

Long Face-Framing Hairstyle

Long face framing hairstyle for straight fine hair
This long hairstyle is ideal for those with fine, straight hair. The horizontal fringe and angled layers framing the face are razor-textured, imparting a soft and feminine allure. To style this haircut, use a very light styling product along with a smoothing balm. Blow-dry the hair with a flat paddle brush and finish with a flat iron for a smooth, polished look.

Choppy Short Hairstyle

Short choppy hairstyle for wavy coarse hair
Here's a hairstyle designed for those with wavy or coarser hair types. This modified circle cut includes a side parting and long, curved bangs. The layered ends are razor-cut to enhance texture and achieve a choppy look.
To style, use a blow-dryer and round brush to bend and direct the ends of the hair as desired. Follow up with finger-combing and apply styling wax to add definition and extra control.

Short and Sleek

Classy short and sleek hairstyle
This classy short hairstyle evokes the timeless charm of the old 'page-boy' style, making it ideal for those with fine-to-medium texture, straight-to-wavy hair types. The side-angled parting gracefully leads to a curved fringe, complemented by cleanly defined lines at the sides and nape.
To achieve this look, begin by blow-drying with a paddle brush, using a styling gel for control. If necessary, use a flat iron for added smoothness. Finish with a light mist of hairspray and a gentle pat with the fingers to tame any frizz or flyaway strands.
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