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Goldwell - Topchic Triflective Naturals

  • layers and bangs
  • youthful bangs
  • flowing long hair
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100% grey coverage with multi-depth reflection
• The revolutionary Reflects System enhances color through a combination of three unique tones shining out from deep within the hair.
• Dimensional, youthful hair color results are quick and easy to achieve without mixing mutliple shades.
• Creamy Topchic color mass ideal for coarse, grey hair.
• The Topchic Integrated Protect System provides brilliant, even and durable hair color results.
• For Color Balancing, use Colorance TriFlective Naturals for grey coverage up to 75% with the same unique multi-depth reflection.
The innovative Reflects3 System enhances color dimension through a combination of three reflects shining out from deep within the hair. A perfect concentration of natural intensive reflects cover grey hair. Plus two integrated color reflects ensure a lively, natural grey coverage result.
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