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Sassoon Academy

  • tightly curled hair
  • long silver hair
  • layered collar bone length hair
  • square bob
  • flamboyant short hairstyle
  • short hairstyle with tendrils
  • cheekbone short bob
  • black hair with blue accents
  • hair with a blue shimmer
  • mens hair with sleek bangs
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The pioneer women of the old American West made their way through the vast wilderness of dry deserts and unforgiving weather. It shaped their resistance and their spirits. This strength and the unforgiving beauty of the terrain inspired this impressive collection by Sassoon Academy.
One of the greatest artists of the last century, Georgia O'Keeffe contributed her colors of bone and burned earth to the stunning palette which is completed by the addition of Navajo jewelry turquoise.
The textured cuts all follow a geometric base pattern with soft edges and details that take your breath away. All of this hair art is created according to the Sassoon philosophy of delivering perfect cuts that are created following the natural flow of the hair, so that they will always fall into place effortlessly.
Hairstyles: Sassoon Academy
Hair: Mark Hayes & the International Creative Team
Color: Peter Dawson & the International Color Team
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Photography: Colin Roy