Prairie by Sassoon Academy

Sassoon cuts
The pioneer women of the old American West made their way through the vast wilderness of dry deserts and unforgiving weather. It shaped their resistance and their spirits. This strength and the unforgiving beauty of the terrain inspired this impressive collection by Sassoon Academy.
One of the greatest artists of the last century, Georgia O'Keeffe contributed her colors of bone and burned earth to the stunning palette which is completed by the addition of Navajo jewelry turquoise.
The textured cuts all follow a geometric base pattern with soft edges and details that take your breath away. All of this hair art is created according to the Sassoon philosophy of delivering perfect cuts that are created following the natural flow of the hair, so that they will always fall into place effortlessly.

Curls of Light

Long and tightly curled hair
Kissed by the cool early morning light and moved by the dry wind of the Arizona desert the curls are a power of nature all by themselves. The center part does not prevent the style from being asymmetrical as both sides show a different pattern and shape.
The long layers are tightly curled and the closer the hair is to her face the more defined the fine waves and spirals are. The outer edges are softer and also lighter in color. Angelic and mysterious with a wild determination.

Interrupted Layers

Long silver hair with disconnected layers
Silver as the moonlight or sun bleached wood has a magical effect on hair. The coolness of the color is mirrored in the disconnected layers with a strong texture in the tips. Edges are jagged and distinct.
Shorter layers on top flow into the short fringe and her face is framed on the sides by longer sections, which curve towards her chin. The full length exceeds her shoulders. This long hairstyle exudes a strong will and a no nonsense attitude without any frills.

Round and Smooth

Collarbone length hair with long jagged bang
Long bangs cast a seductive shadow on her eyes and excite our fashion sense with their deliciously jagged cutting line. The pointy texture increases at the bottom perimeter. The collarbone length is the perfect in between and leaves room for styling alternatives.
Her hair is layered through and through in the upper section and no specific part is visible. Instead the hair seems to all flow out from one point at the back of her crown. The back hair is longer, heavily textured, but has less layers to be visually separate.

Square Bob

Square bob for silver hair
The obvious geometry of this square cut bob is enhanced by the styling. Short top layers are mussed and brought to a rectangular shape with intense movement. Hair strands overlap each other in opposing directions and with their light silver color they reflect the light in an iridescent and cosmic shimmer.
Her bold eyebrows are offset by the jagged line of her mid-forehead bangs. The sides are vertical with much inner life and tousling. Simple and strong statement jewelry is a great match.

Candy Girl

Short hairstyle with a diamond shape
A soft pastel orange warms the platinum blonde from the inside and reminds of the desert sand. A rococo touch in the styling is disheveled enough to reflect the wildness of her spirit. Creating elegance without it being too polished is an art form in itself.
The styling follows a diamond shape with a narrow peak on top and wide sides. Cotton candy and tumbleweed shared their textures with this unforgettably flamboyant hairstyle.

Rugged Victory

Short hairstyle with long tendrils
This short hairstyle has an androgynous quality even with the long tendrils feathering about along the sides. Stylish, intriguing and seductive with its rugged assurance it makes a point - and that not just in the center of the smooth and layered fringe.
Triangular sections spice it up with their linear courage and the short back is ruffled up for soft spikes and ultimate movement. A warm brown hair color keeps her grounded.

Extravagant Bob in Black

Cheekbone short bob for blue black hair
Blue black like the darkest night. If the color does not provoke a strong enough reaction, the cut definitely will. A cheekbone short bob is cut in the traditional carré shape, but this prairie warrior woman wears it with chic disheveled surface texture.
The short bangs follow no rule with the intricately jagged edge. Layers are systematically cut to promote the round shape and with the frizzy feathering she is ready to conquer the world.

Stylish Short Bob in Blue

Short bob for black hair with blue color accents
Getting the blues can be quite thrilling at least when it comes to colorful accents in hair. A saturated blue-black color throws sparks with intense turquoise accents that also bring attention to the disconnected line of the very short fringe. Her cut is a slightly A-framed bob that follows the shape of her jaw line, just a finger above it.
The bangs are also wide to open up her face. Feathers of wild birds stood model for the amazing styling. Teasing of the roots lifts the strands in the back and also the longer ones that jut out in stylish curves on the sides.

Short with an Extravagant Gap

Short hair with a gap in the bangs
Cut to a soothing conformity of lines the linear design displays a precious minimalism. Well, almost. A very small detail in the shape of a irregular gap in the ultra short bangs takes it to the next level of chic.
In addition a mystic turquoise blue shimmer on the dark hair color vibrates with flashy extravagance. Bold eyebrows, smoky eyes and a pale lip complete the avantgarde effect.

Peaked Interest

Mens haircut with a sleek fringe
Clean cut has a new definition. Outside of the realm of conformity is the kingdom of tremendously creative hairstyles. Outstanding contrasts are always memorable and this sleek fringe against the velvety short clipped hair definitely creates a lasting impression.
It is as wide as the corners of his eyes and shaped to an inward curve before it touches the upper part of his forehead. The graphite hair color delivers incredible shine which is enhanced by a gloss spray. A few accent strands peak up in the center.
Hairstyles: Sassoon Academy
Hair: Mark Hayes & the International Creative Team
Color: Peter Dawson & the International Color Team
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Photography: Colin Roy