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Hairstyles Spring Summer 10

Warm and bright hair colors


Our adventurers want to see new sensations. Their hair colors are inspired by the wild, by the Sahara, Alaska or Kalahari. So many emblematic destinations for these hunters looking for adventure.
Luocolor - Alaska
Long dark blonde hair with layers for the outdoors
Long layers are ready for the great outdoors. Adventure comes here with a lot of choppy texture in the chest-length hair. The side part throws the balance off ever so slightly to enforce the fashion factor of this wild and natural creation. The color is a woodsy ash blonde with a lot of light and muted shine.
Luocolor - Kalahari
Long brown hair braided for protection
Braided for protection and style-effect, nothing can stop this adventuress from blazing her own trail. The thick braid is woven from the back to one side, thus creating a beautiful asymmetry and a delightful mix of peasant hair style and urban finesse. The warm brown hair color reflects the colors of exotic earths and rare spices.
Luocolor - Sahara
Sun-bleached short blonde hair
Sun-bleached hair and short enough to keep a cool head even in the middle of the dessert. The blonde short haircut features finely tuned sides with a clear and pointed outline, topped by longer hair on the crown that can be styled in many variations or just left blowing in the hot wind. Beige blonde is the perfect hair color choice for this exciting pixie cut.


Our travelers follow their quest for exotic freedom. Their hair is beautiful thanks to warm and bright colors, as are their stopovers in Havana, Darjeeling and Casablanca.
Majirel - Casablanca
Long blonde hair with the sides rolled outward
Many a great story took place in the land where Africa is closest to Spain. Enigmatic as its name, this long hairstyle is luxurious, elegant and surprising in its combination of simplicity with understated glamour. Long tapered sides are rolled outward and separated by a straight center part. Neat and polished, yet smoldering and ready for a great new discovery.
Majirel - Darjeeling
Long nostalgic hairstyle with waves
Hot Indian nights are filled with elegance and timeless romance. The perfect long hairstyle has classic elements like the large, billowy waves and the nostalgic roll above the forehead. A warm, spicy nutmeg color is interspersed with glimmers of a sunset-red tone for an extra dose of exotic attraction.
Majirel - Havana
Chin length bob with a side part
Rum, Cigars and great passion for style have their home in Cuba. The look to represent these influences reverberates the rhythm of the island in its soft curves that bring perpetual motion to the chin length bob cut.
Parted on the side it is ready to be tugged behind the ear or to flirtatiously fall into the face. A sunny dark blonde with dark honey shadows is the ideal hue for so much Latin verve.
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