Winter HairCollection by Team John Beerens

Hair fashion
The John Beerens Team moves into the sensational, with a variety of inspiring short and long hairstyles that are expressed through their passion of art. The mastery of the hair colors also brings an enhancement and vision to the coiffures.

Man with a Shag

Shag with the hair half over the ears for men
Forever in vogue, this handsome man is wearing a shag hairstyle. The layers cover the nape of his neck and lie half way over his ears. The top is combed upon his forehead and over, meeting the rest of the hair. Spitz a little styling lotion before you blow dry.

Framing the Face

Flattering short hairstyle with layers around the face
Textured layers bring attention to each blonde hair that has been fashioned into place. Semi-circles of round lines gravitate downward and around to frame the face of the model. Use gloss and smoothing crème to style this flattering short hairstyle.

Short Layered Lines

Short hairstyle with irregular strands and gel
The expressions of short layered lines are styled with a small side part and pouf over the side of the top, with irregular strands lying in various directions. The sides have been fashioned behind the ears to blend into the back, where the hair covers the nape, continuing the straighter styling. Gel and smoothing crème will assist to create this look.

Shag with a Chopped Crown

Chopped shag haircut that covers the neckline
This strawberry blonde has thin slices of a lighter blonde blending into the shag haircut. The crown has been chopped to keep the thickness around the root area and allow for the pouf design.
The rest of the lines are smooth and drawn around the face, with a few snippets here and there while the rest covers the neckline. Totally fabulous! Spritz styling lotion and use smoothing crème.

Neckline Covering Shag

Neckline covering shag hairstyle with exposed ears
This hairstyle wallops a whole lot of pizzazz and is not for the faint of heart. Fashioned into a true shag that covers the neckline and rests around the shoulders in layers, the hair is combed to expose the ears.
The crown blouses up into a pouf and the top points up and outward. A true sculpture! Use spritzing lotion and freezing gel.

Selective Side Part

Long hairstyle with layers for ink black hair
This luxuriant ink black hair has been cut in long layers and a selective side part that brings the hair over the top in smooth blends, to meet the other layers. We can see the dimension of the top by the few wisps that lie over her eye. Use gel and smoothing lotion for this hairstyle.

Hair Covering One Eye

Long dark brunette hair styled in various sections
The charm of the long dark brunette hair is singled out for a heavier mode of style with the hair designed in singular strands in various sections. The top is heavier and covers one eye with this windblown achievement. Spritz your gloss and light spray.

Long Sides & Shorter Back

Hairstyle with long sides and a shorter back
This beautiful redhead reflects the short and long of this unique hairstyle. The short positions into a side part and textured ends that flow over the top and along side of the face. The back is a blend shorter and brushed over toward the side.
The long of this style begins with a small section from the top of the side and left to hang over the shorter structures in textured edges. Spritz styling lotion and smoothing crème for this work of art.

Red Tresses

Long red haircut with visible cutting lines
We see the beauty of the long red hair in a lesser smooth style that is designed for a bit of pouf and fray, and the transparency to see the various lines that were involved in this haircut. Lightly spritz spray to keep into place.
Hair: Team John Beerens Haarstudio - Tilburg
Products: CHI by Farouk Systems USA
Make-up: Marc Lubach forPupa
Photography: Paul Bekkers
Models: Noortje, Kim, Suzanne and Lynn
Clothing: Cecile Paul Clothing Company
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