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Tracey Hughes @ Mieka Hairdressing

  • up-style hair with waves
  • angled bangs hairstyle
  • long hair look hairstyle
  • hair with long forelock
  • blonde bob hairstyle
  • gypsy look hair
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Three consecutive trends taken from global influences including, geisha chic, the geometric lines and monochromatic tones of the 60's, and the elegance and corsetry of the 40's see us revisit the past to see the future.
Haircuts will see the return of the classic bob and geometric shapes. Shapes will be smooth with minimal texture. Longer lengths display simplicity within the layering and is well nourished. Curls big and voluptuous, yet soft and sexy. Blondes will no longer look icy or too sun kissed, but instead, rose pink, mushroom and caramel tones dominate.
Redheads will display tones of raspberry and apricot. Darker tones will be in midnight violet and chocolate brown. For confident individuals; the trends are moss greens and petrol blues. The hairstyles aree adaptable and versatile allowing for suitability to each individual's sense of style.
Hair Styling: Tracey Hughes - Mieka Hairdressing (Using Wella High Hair)
Colour: Tracey Hughes (Using Wella Koleston Perfect)
Photography: Taras Mohamed
Make-Up: Nathalie Pallandre
Stylist: Aaron Love