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Versatile hairstyles
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Geometric lines and monochromatic tones of the 1960s, and the elegance and corsetry of the 1940s are among three consecutive trends drawn from global influences, ushering us into a future revisited through the lens of the past.
Haircuts will see the resurgence of the classic bob and geometric shapes, featuring smooth lines with minimal texture. Longer lengths will showcase simplicity in layering and well-nourished hair. Expect curls to be big, voluptuous, yet soft and sexy. Blondes will no longer sport icy or sun-kissed tones, but instead, rose pink, mushroom, and caramel hues will dominate.
Redheads will flaunt tones of raspberry and apricot, while darker shades will trend toward midnight violet and chocolate brown. Confident individuals will embrace moss greens and petrol blues. These adaptable and versatile hairstyles allow for personal expression, tailored to each individual's sense of style.

Up-Style with Billows and Waves

Up-style with piled curls
This sculptured creation celebrates texture and waves, drawing inspiration from the Victorian era for an up-style that exudes elegance. Soft masses of curls are artfully piled on top of the head, creating billows and waves. Delicately winding tendrils spill out and cascade down the sides, adding interest, balance, and framing the face.
The fringe is cut long and styled in a sweeping curve across the forehead and around the eyes, drawing focus to the facial features. The hair color is a carefully crafted blend of golden blonde and soft faun tones, evenly dispersed to enhance the interplay of light off the curls and waves in the style.

Angled Eye-Framing Fringe

Short hairstyle with an angled fringe
Groovy mod meets hard-edged modern in this short, asymmetrically cut style. Crisp, bold, and sharply angled fringe combine with a daring perimeter cutting line to create an edgy look that commands attention.
The angled fringe frames the eyes, while the elongated side lock follows the curve of the face. Adding further interest is the interplay between the spiky layers in the crown area and the warm cinnamon brown highlights throughout the hair.

Long Hair Look

Long hair look with a heavy horizontal fringe
Another bold style, this long hair look features a light amount of layering in the lower ends of the hair and a sharply defined, heavy, horizontal fringe line. Styled to lie smoothly over the head with an angled center part, the ends are treated to give definition and a hint of shape to the layers.
But the biggest surprise here is the almost-hidden splash of color in the otherwise sable mane. The blue-black hair is given a rich, aubergine rinse that literally shines in vibrant purple where the light strikes it.

Elongated Forelock

Hair with a long forelock and fuchsia hair color
This smooth, rounded short bob style features an elongated and angled forelock in the fringe area as a key styling element. With a perimeter cutting line that follows the bottoms of the ears and curves down to gently cradle the nape of the neck.
The styling is sleek and glassy, creating clean lines and sharply defined edges. Adding visual excitement to an otherwise simple hairstyle is a splash of bold highlights in fuchsia pink along the forelock.

Peek-a-Boo Style Bob

Blonde peek-a-boo bob haircut
This short, bob-style cut is brought into the new century by an asymmetrical fringe cut to break up the otherwise bowl-shaped mop-top cut. Styled with a side part and smooth, clean edges, the angled fringe creates a pie-slice wedge, revealing the face in a peek-a-boo effect.
The hair color is soft and subtle, with a soft, neutral blonde base and high and low-lights in frosty-cool and neutral tones. The overall effect is soft yet defined.

Gypsy Look with Curls

Gypsy look hair style
Dark, rich colors reminiscent of black cherries and chocolate set the palette for this long layered cut. With a clearly delineated horizontal fringe and deeply textured layers, the hair is styled to showcase the color to full effect.
The glossy, defined curls refract the light, creating glowing color and shadow patterns that emphasize the visual interest of the look. It's a gypsy-inspired style crafted with real hair magic.
Hair Styling: Tracey Hughes - Mieka Hairdressing (Using Wella High Hair)
Color: Tracey Hughes (Using Wella Koleston Perfect)
Photography: Taras Mohamed
Makeup: Nathalie Pallandre
Stylist: Aaron Love
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