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The Metropolis Collection

Super Feminine Looks from Royston Blythe

Women with a light skin tone look spectacular in blonde, so Royston Blythe created an exquisite collection of modern hairstyles that celebrate the most seductive color of them all.
Shades of honey, biscuit, powder and sandy blonde radiate femininity and together with the sexy, ultra chic shapes, these looks are made for victory.
  • beehive hairdo
  • short hairstylewith lash length fringe
  • heavy fringe
  • sweeping fringe
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There is no lack of texture in the tips and soft flowing movement all throughout the hairstyles, which range from over the shoulder length to sassy short. Classic, retro and sporty shapes are made for all types of women and tailored to the individual shape and proportions.
Diagonal lines are a strong trend as well as semi up styles that remind us of the glamour of decades past.
With the Metropolis Collection Royston Blythe captures the spirit of today and gives us the timeless allure of a glorious past. Sensual elegance ready to set the world on fire.
Hair: Kate Hubbard at Royston Blythe
Make-up: Gary Cockerel
Photographer: David Goldman
Products: L'Oréal Professional