Metropolis by Royston Blythe

Blonde hair styles
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Women with a light skin tone look spectacular in blonde, so Royston Blythe created an exquisite collection of modern hairstyles that celebrate the most seductive color of them all. Shades of honey, biscuit, powder, and sandy blonde radiate femininity, and together with the ultra-chic shapes, these looks are made for victory.
There is no lack of texture in the tips and soft, flowing movement all throughout the hairstyles, which range from over-the-shoulder length to sassy short. Classic, retro, and sporty shapes are made for all types of women and tailored to the individual shape and proportions.
Diagonal lines are a strong trend, as well as semi-up styles that remind us of the glamour of decades past. With the Metropolis Collection, Royston Blythe captures the spirit of today and gives us the timeless allure of a glorious past. Elegance ready to set the world on fire.

Hair Pinned to a Beehive Shape

Long blonde hair pinned into a beehive shape
One of the most fascinating and outrageous styles to ever grace the earth is the famous beehive. This is one hairstyle that will never be overlooked. The biggest and highest of them all comes in a modernized and softened version with a long fringe, artfully curved and swept along the side of her face.
This long feature is joined by a small free-falling strand on the left side of the photo and a good handful of hair tumbling out of the creative construction on the other side. The color is a soft shade of pale gold with highlights in a very light baby blonde..
To style this semi updo, the hair, except for the fringe and the open strands on the sides, was taken to the top, teased or backcombed, and pinned to the beehive shape over a large bun ring. The latter gives it more hold, height, and secures the rounded shape. The free strands are gently curled, either with large rollers or the quick way over a curling iron.

Lash-Length Fringe

Short pixie hairstyle with a lash length fringe
Go for the sassy! Short hair is attractive, and even more so in a light blonde hair color. This charming pixie cut is shaped to hug the head closely, and all of the fine texture in the tips breaks up the cutting line and gives it its very sexy dynamic.
Styling follows the trend of diagonal lines, which put movement and pizzazz in the short tresses. This is especially effective in the lash-length fringe.
Yet, the most fascinating element is the color. Subtle effects are highly intriguing, to say the least. Light honey-colored blonde is freshened up with almost platinum highlights. Blindingly beautiful and without escape.

Long Hairstyle with a Heavy Fringe

Long straight hairstyle featuring a heavy fringe and face framing layers
Face-framing layers with the finest texture run in a perfect curve all around her features. The combination of very long, sleek hair and this precise cut comes with a little bit of retro flavor, but a lot of modern technique and a very sophisticated vibe.
The finesse begins with the texture, as fine as a feather, and it ends with the honey blonde hair color invigorated by golden blonde shades.
For styling, the hair was blow-dried over a good styling brush, pulling it straight. The finish was given with a hot iron. A little gloss or shine spray and ready is a fascinating long hairstyle that combines the old and the new like no other.

Sweeping Fringe

Effortless looking chin length bob with a sweeping fringe
Keep those colors flowing. In all aspects! The shape is already fabulous with its deep side part and the sweeping fringe. In come the colors with tones of baby blonde, biscuit, and some caramel accents, and the combination is unbeatable.
Movement, style, and the soft yet powerful feminine vibe come with a modern short bob haircut, styled with an effortlessly looking result.
An extra and very beautiful touch is the smooth upward lift and gentle curve on one side. A blow dryer and a medium-small round brush can do the trick. Finish with fingers to tousle the hair up just slightly and preserve the style with a mist of hairspray.
Hair: Kate Hubbard at Royston Blythe
Makeup: Gary Cockerel
Photographer: David Goldman
Products: L'Oréal Professional
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