Haare 2008

Hair trade show
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Bright autumn days shone for members of the hair and beauty industries: The HAARE 2008 enthused participants, visitors and companies alike at the booths of this trade show.
The proof is in the numbers. More than 18,000 visitors attended the N├╝rnbergMesse from October 19th to the 21st. An increase of more than 20 percent compared to the 2004 show. A highlight of the show was the combination of the German and Bavarian Hair Championship.
The HAARE 2008 offered an outstanding mix of shows, competitions, workshops, and information. "The perfect basis for the success of it", says Andreas Popp, President of the German Association of Hairdressers, ZV.
One of the hair show's highlights, the competitions, displayed an amazing amount of professionalism and talent. The German and Bavarian championships with more than 140 competitors were a visitors' magnet. "The level of accomplishments was impressive," said Popp, "the participants showed extraordinary creativity in the areas of hairstyles and make-up. It was a grand celebration for the young elite of the profession."

Curly Updo

Deliberate messy updo with curls and free spirited tendrils
Curly updo for a night out
Bouncy curls in combination with long, free spirited tendrils are converted into a head turning updo. Long hair was curled and then pinned on top of the head in a deliberate messy and random fashion.
Long tendrils are pulled out in front to add even more movement. The sides are soft and straight. Mousse and hairspray are essential. A great look for that special night out, for events and celebrations.

Youthful Hairstyle

Youthful bob hairstyle with a longer fringy nape
Pixie cut hair with a modern combination of colors
Like fire and ice. A clever combination of colors in hair and make-up create a balanced, modern, sophisticated and youthful style. This bob cut at chin length received special treatment with a longer, fringy nape.
The low side partition enhances the flow of red color over the head and on the sides. The silhouette is almost perfectly round and smooth with short, sassy bangs as a delightful contrast.

Updo with Loosely Piled Hair

Fairy tale updo with hair loosely piled on top of the head
This princess is not lost and will not be forgotten. A delightful mass of dark hair is loosely piled on top of the head and pinned down in large waves and irregular curls. The very sleek bangs offer a fine contrast to the willfully disarranged top.
Some thinner and more robust tendrils adorn the sides and the back, bringing more interest and movement to this urban fairy-tale updo.

Asymmetrical Curls

Updo with a mass of curls loosely cascading down on one side of the head
Seduce with flowing curls! A sassy updo with an opulent mass of curls cascading down on one side. The hair is gathered together and loosely pinned on top of the head. Arranged in asymmetrical manner to allow a full flow to one side.
A couple of open tendrils keep the balance on the opposite side. The long bangs are meshed with the rest of the hair that frames the face with much finesse. Apply spray and arrange the locks with your fingers.

Short Bangs for Men

Men's haircut with short bangs and a longer nape
A great look from the office to the party or the game. A classic short men's cut was updated with a lightly longer nape, narrow and short sideburns, short bangs and lots of texture. The hair was layered with longer lengths on the crown and in the neck.
This versatile haircut can be styled with some gel or wax and ten fingers alone. It can look professional in the day and turn spiky and wild at night.

Very Light Blonde Hair

Light blonde hair in a versatile short layered haircut
Bangs like fragile icicles form a thin veil that covers the eyes and makes this snow princess irresistible and mysterious. A short layered haircut in a very light blonde was combed towards the face in a criss-crossed fashion where the extra long bangs shroud the look of this not so icy blonde. The cut is versatile and can be worn with many different stylings.

Timeless Hairstyle

Timeless blunt bob hairstyle with tapered sidelines
A familiar and timeless look that fits every occasion and environment. However, this blunt bob comes with new and fashionable details like the high side part and tapered sidelines. The spice of this style lies in the coloring. Golden blonde and light blonde highlights are skillfully applied to a dark blonde background.

Sleek Bangs and Curls

Long hairstyle with tapered sides, sleek bangs and curls
Delightful curls and full bangs are the key elements to this, sexy and fun style for long hair. In contrast to the straight and sleek fringe area and tapered, face framing sides, this hairstyle shows tons of large, frolicking curls with the utmost in shine and movement.
The hair on the sides and back is left slightly unkempt for a more casual look.

Small and Large Curls

Pinned up long hair with small and large curls
Partial up-style for long hair with curls
Happy and elegant with a head full of curls. A bundle of small curled long hair is pinned up from one side and the back to create a partial up-style with an asymmetrical, almost triangular shape.
A narrow front portion including the fringe is generously waved and has some large curls towards the ends. Long layers enhance the bounce and volume of this style.

Extravagant Short Cut

Extravagant short haircut with extra short bangs and pointed sideburns
A nod to space age and sci-fi. An extravagant haircut with mixed textures shows one of the most interesting silhouettes of the season. The hair was cut in a round line across the forehead, leaving extra short bangs and very pointed sideburns.
The exact line runs farther above the ears and ends in a pointed, longer nape. The balancing attraction to the straight lines comes from the ruffled chops on top and at the back of the head. Gel and spray hold it all together and up.

Versatile Short Haircut

Practical and versatile short haircut for women
Alluring, practical and so very unique. A versatile cut that flatters all women who decide to go short. It has all the fashion elements of this season. Textured asymmetrical lines, a high partition, volume above the ears, small sideburns, lots of shine and an intense hair color. The deep berry tone gets a little surprising lift with a splash of copper in front.

Gamine Glamour

Flattering and gamine short hairstyle with short neck hairs
Tomboy look for women
Tomboy meets Diva. This flattering short hairstyle catches you at the first and even more at the second look. The shortest hairs are on the neck and form a nice round silhouette.
On top the longer strands appear to be anchored on the crown and from there they are styled diagonally across the head, flowing down the sides and into the face in fine fringes.

Young Hairstyle

Young blonde 60s bob hairstyle with a full fringe
Young sophistication with a modified bob. The classic line with a 60s inspired long and full fringe gets a youthful makeover with the textured cutting lines at the bottom. The cool blonde reminds of a late summer day with its soft shine and the wheat colored strands and platinum highlights. The hair is styled with a flat iron, and the ends are lightly turned outward.

Very Short Haircut

Very short haircut with full bangs that touch the eyebrows
Touchable eye catcher with finesse and versatility. Very short hair on the crown makes room for longer strands with highly textured ends. The bangs are full and just touch the eyebrows with their textured tips.
The real surprise, however, is the color. Underneath the vanilla blonde we get glimpses of a luscious raspberry, peeking through in the bangs and on the sides.

Fashion Bob Hairstyle

Fashion bob hairstyle with lengthening towards the front
Victoria Beckham brought the bob back into fashion focus. Skilled stylists now take it to another level and incorporate new and surprising elements. Here we see the classic contour, smoothly layered in the lower quarter and lengthening abruptly towards the front. The front strands are of equal length and are accentuated with splashes of color.

Two in One Hairstyle

Daring two in one hairstyle for fashionistas
A mix of elements brought to the max. Daring fashionistas combine long and short in the most consequent style. A true and full bob in warm browns with blonde highlights is styled to a wonderful rounded shape. It crowns a fan of straight cut over-shoulder length, super sleek hair in shiny ebony.
Photos: NuernbergMesse
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