Hair & Heels by Richard Ward

Captivating hairstyles
Surely Hair & Heels have an encore for the short mod poufs that flair out in their own creative identity. Blends of long wavy hair around the shoulders and others in upstyles make for a captivating performance for all.

Punky Hairstyle

Short punky hairstyle with streaks
This unique expression of hair art is enthralled by the dark brunette's hair that has been cut short with fringes on the nape. The hair rides back on the sides with a c-curl toward the face.
Blonde streaks are designed on the top for contrast that arrows toward the face. Use gel and spray.

Rolling Red Curls

Redhead with curls around the shoulders
A redhead's choice is filled with rolling curls, lush waves and heavy bangs in a layered clip. There are select slices of gold that thread throughout the coppery tones that nestle around the models shoulders. Use a medium sized curling iron and spray.

Flip Out Hair

Long shag hairstyle with sides that flip out
Our model has pale blonde hair shaped in a long shag hairstyle. There is a back side part moving with length on the sides that choose to flip out and long peek-a-boo bangs. The layered hair caresses the neck and shoulders. Spray styling lotion before you blow dry.

Waterfall of Hair

Brunette updo with curls in the crown
The pageantry of this updo reveals an abundance of curls fashioned in the crown and the splendor of the waterfall of hair over one side. Most attractive are the light and dark brunette tones for this idyllic hairstyle. Use thermogel and spray.

Fringes in the Nape

Short bob hairstyle with fringes in the nape
The model wears raven edged hair in a short bob that has been clipped close in the nape leaving a few fringes. Away from the back, the hair goes up and then rounds out into a perfectly large C toward the face that blends in with the bluntness around the bangs and into the sides. Spritz styling lotion and gloss.

Wavy Brown Hair

Long hairstyle for wavy brown hair
Beginning with the central part, long rich wavy brown hair is portrayed on the pouting expression of the model with layered curls full of glossy sheen as if a bouquet around her shoulders. Use plenty of gloss after the curling iron.

Egyptian Headdress

Hair brushed up from the sides - Egyptian headdress
Sunstruck bronze red hair color moves off the chart with a flavor of an Egyptian headdress that holds the hair that is brushed up from the sides securely in place. The hair in the back billows out into the big hair effect. Texturing crème and spray will assist with this image.

Short Red Hair

Short red hair with spikes
The glamour of short red hair is flaunted by the twists and turns with spikes in selective positions as the hair flows together, moving upward. Threads of blonde weave in various areas to project light throughout the red tones. Styling and texturing spray can be used to help with this style.

Updo with a Mega Roll

Updo with the hair wrapped in a band
The masterpiece of this mega roll upon the models head gives an air of intrigue and a display of talent. With the coiffure wrapped in the thick black band seals the final touch and the array of her bangs. Use spray and gloss.

Splash of the Sixties

Short hairstyle with a large headband and a silk blouse
Just a splash of sixties with the top of the head flat with the large headband citing the hair and the volume in the back that all comes together bringing an oval profile upon the side.
This short hairstyle is sheer magic with the fringe in the back and thin laced strand on the side. A perfect hairstyle to reveal the collar of a beautiful silk blouse. Use gel and spray.
Hair: Richard Ward
Photography: Joseph Oppedisano
Make-Up: Melanie Harris
Styling: Cannon