Hair Fashion Autumn/Winter 08/09

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks Haircuts

Sophisticated hair fashion for men and women
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Form? Perfection? And Style? Really! These looks bring out the full potential of hair.
The hairstyles for the autumn/winter season are allowed to be it all: natural, artistic, luxurious, cool, classical, rebellious, and extravagant. As long as style and class are a part of it as well. Both guarantee the perfect symbiosis of cut, shape and color. The looks presented by the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks (ZV) - the main organization of the Hairstylist trade in Germany - are setting standards for chic and lifestyle. A fashion for connoisseurs and those who want to become one.
Wintertime is fashion time. Now the more is what counts, not the less. Against the cold, the wetness, gray days. For more chic, more radiance, more good mood. Just for this the fashion makers of the ZV have combined sophisticated cuts with unique styling and expressive colors.
The result: perfect looks that are always a step ahead of the mainstream when it comes to style and class. The fashion collection for autumn/winter 2008/2009 convinces with premium styles and celebrates the zest for finding the extraordinary in fashion.
Among the most important topics and motives are natural beauty, glamour-chic, geometric design, classical esthetics and once again the rocker style. For women the fringe areas play a big role, for men the focus is on distinctive cutting lines. In the realm of colors all the extreme hues are still being left in the past: blonde, red and brown tones remain subtle, but enchant with their depth, shine and modern accents.
The styles were inspired by the German model scene. The outfits that could be seen on the catwalk of the casting show "Germany's next Top model" have given strong impulses to the ZV hair fashion designers. They also found a treasure trove of influences in the 1940s Hollywood and of course with the celebrities of the international movie and music industry.
Be it short or long, straight or in motion - the ZV Trend collection presents many variations to put you into the center of fashion attention. The exciting play of shape and color, lengths and proportions, technical precision and a huge dose of creativity make these new looks the eye catchers of the season.

New Short Haircut

New short haircut with pointed lines
One of the best short haircuts with bangs
The best short haircuts are like precious gems. Precisely cut for ultimate balance in shape. They are glistening with silky shine and radiate intense and luxurious colors. This adorable short hairstyle has even more than all that.
With all of the movement in its pointed lines, it is irresistible and extremely chic. The sides are a little humble and just the frame for all of the swirling activity on top.
The hair is styled from the back to the front and layered in a criss-cross way for the ultimate texture. Blonde and caramel are delightfully blended for a true feast for the eyes.

Long and Twisted Bangs

Modern short haircut with the bangs cut in a triangular shape
If you have the length, there is no reason to not flaunt it. As a fun and elegant contrast to the short sides, the bangs of this modern short haircut have an extra inch of length and a bunch of texture cut in a triangular shape.
With more hair pulled across from the back a lot of movement and wild volume develops on top, but there is a pattern in the wildness and a plan for it all. The key element is the long twirled section of the bangs that hugs her eye, without covering it, but still lending a lot of modern and mysterious air to her expression.

New Short Hairstyle

New short hairstyle with darker roots - Side view
Seen from the side the elegant and modern short hairstyle shows more of its fine structure and the refined play of color. Applied with much skill and innovative techniques, a smooth marbling of caramel and blonde supports the cut with its light and shadows.
Darker at the roots and underneath it has a very natural feel. From this side you can also see how the lengths of the hair transition towards the front where it all culminated in the long point of the fringe. Wonderfully modern, precious and organic, a style for many seasons.

Short Hair with Long Bangs

Short blonde pixie hair with long bangs running sideways
There is a time for extravagance and a time for a charming wispy look. With this base cut, you can have it all and style it to your specific likes and desires.
The back and the sides remain the same as in the styling seen on the previous picture but the long bangs got a new treatment and are now running consequently sideways accompanied by an S-shaped styling on the crown. Little wispy tips display the highlights in the blonde color.

New Pageboy Haircut

Sleek and simple pageboy haircut with blunt bangs
Haircut that is part of the bob family
The pageboy is part of the bob family with just a few slight differences. Pageboy cuts have bangs and are usually cut with a blunt edge. This beautiful modern version of the classic comes with a little bit of texture along to sides to soften the frame around the face, but the bangs are thick and long enough to tickle her eye lashes.
With a rich brown color and all of this shine, the hairstyle is so very enchanting and captures all attention wherever she shows up. The styling is simple and sleek with a tendency to round the edges inward.

Pageboy Hair with Extreme Shine

Side view of a shiny short pageboy hairstyle with straight sides
A sleek surface like the hair of this straight styled pageboy look is a great canvas for color and most of all to show off shiny hair. The color is a rich brown in two tones that are just a few steps apart from each other in the lighter and darker range.
The side view shows that the sides are straight as well and no feathering or tapering distracts from the pure and geometric shape that has become an eternal classic.
What makes this hairstyle so elegant is mainly the very long, curved and thick fringe. Do not forget your eyeliner under it!

Skintight Pageboy

Chin length pageboy cut styled close to the face
Seen from the front the full effect of the long bangs become clear. It creates such an air of elegance and mystery that its plainly irresistible. The sides are styled very close to the face that they seem to hug her cheeks. This way the existing gentle tapering is downplayed and the line looks straight and smooth.
The chin length sides are just a wee bit textured which creates a very soft edge to the left and right of her chin. Note that the color of the bangs is just a tad darker than the rest. A beautiful and ever so subtle effect of elegant finesse.

Pageboy with Waves and Curls

Pageboy cut styled with thick curls and waves for motion
The strict beauty of the full fringed pageboy makes room for a flirty and light version of itself with the added volume and lots of volume or thick curls and waves. Perfectly placed the intensity of the motion increases towards the bottom and the result is a very feminine, soft styling that is an easy change from the slick and pure geometry of the base look.
The two tones of brown hair color take on a new role now and add a lot of dimension and depth.

Mid Length Hair Fashion

Mid length vintage hairstyle with loose blonde curls
Bring a little bit of Hollywood to your look and glam it up! We are not sure what she is wearing underneath her cool black trench coat, but her hair is flawless and intriguing. Loose, medium long curls frame her face and a long side swept fringe adds movement and energy to the elegant look.
It reminds of vintage screen sirens and the blonde color still does the trick today. With the curls being just a bit disconnected and not over styled it is glamorous but in a fun and effortless way that makes this hairstyle even more alluring.

1940s Hair with Curls

Mid length 1940s hairstyle with curls and a sleek upper part
Mid length hairstyles do not have to be tame and curls are not always just sweet and romantic. The combination of a sleek and long layered upper part and a ring of curls all around the head that sits between her eye level and her shoulders is the recipe for a stunning look that is a great do for the holidays or the glitzy and glamorous parties that are coming up soon. Beautiful vintage in vanilla blonde is a hair fashion fairy tale come true!

Expressive Vintage Look

Blonde vintage hairstyle with corkscrew curls
The glamour look does not have to be reserved only for festive occasions or places that are lit by chandeliers. Wear it anytime you want to feel special and flaunt your exquisite taste and sublime artistry that went into creating the corkscrew shaped curls framing the face.
The sleek top part holds the general volume down and displays very beautifully how darker and lighter shades of blonde can illuminate a hairstyle and create a very intense visual texture and dimension. One side tugged behind the ear is fun and casual.

Up Style with Big Bangs

Casual up style with bangs and a loose chignon in the back
This enchanting up style is a mix of girlish charm and a good dose of fashion diva. The glam curls turned into a loose chignon in the back with the sides twirled and then tugged under. The fringe is now fully developed and styled into the forehead.
The secret to make up styles look this magnificent is the disheveling and keeping it all nice and loose. With the bangs styled so neatly it will never look too messy. Don't be shy and channel your inner Taylor Swift with a fringe like this and the beige blonde color with toffee inlets. This is a great look for the office and for play.

New Long Hair

New long hair look with full bangs and a lot of movement
Long layers have never been this beautiful. With full bangs and styling that focuses on opulence and glossy volume, a new star is born. Feminine and with a lot of movement and flow it is a style of total luxury.
The lower sections that are swirling around the shoulders are especially bold and powerful with their heavy movement and just their strong presence. Of course the strength of the hair color plays a major role in all of that charisma, and the dark cherry red is just gorgeous beyond words.

Cherry Hair Color

Long hairstyle with a deep cherry red hair colo
Spice up those dreary fall and winter days and add some heat, lots of heat with this unbelievable deep cherry color. The long haircut and styling are already steaming with feminine power and a sensual appeal that has no comparison, but the color is truly the icing on the cake.
Even if you are not into a new hairstyle for yourself right now, try to add just a bit more movement and a deep, red hue to have an instant make-over that is reversible. But chances are you will stick with it for a very long time. A loose styling of the wavy layers with the straight bangs ups the chic factor and the excitement.

Sleek Face Framing Hair

Sleek long hairstyle with tapered and layered sides
Cleopatra eye make-up and the long sleek lines featuring heavy tapered and layered sides make this face framing look a rare and a special find. Simplicity with a strong retro element and a contemporary styling is the kind of look we all drool over.
It is styled flawlessly and reminds us of fine gems with its beautiful jewel shine. The fringe is curved and wide with its corners sitting right on her cheekbones, so that it draws attention to this feature and of course her smoldering eyes.

Red Hair Heaven

Long layered red hair with curls and a low above the eyes fringe
The vibrant curls and flowing waves are almost too beautiful to touch. But the good news is, that they can always be recreated and are just one of the many styling ideas for the long, layered haircut.
The center piece is still the full and neatly styled fringe sitting low above her eyes. The sides are swept back in a very elegant movement and turn into light wispy curls.

Short Hair for Men

Short haircut with a very short fringe for men
His short cropped hair might be practical, but even more it is devilish handsome. A basic, slightly rough cut with the same length all around. Texture softens the silhouette and takes the haircut from simple to refined. Understatement is chic once again and in the shape of this short haircut for men, it is hugely expressive.
Virility, strength and self-assuredness exude from every follicle of this modern cut, which has had many similar looking ancestors all throughout the history of hairstyles for men. The key to the allure is the very short fringe that allows his entire face to be exposed.

Masculine Short Crop

Short sporty haircut with short bangs for men
Short bangs and shortness all around could be a statement of simplicity. Softened with some good texture and made shiny with a good styling product, it turns into a strong expression of male fashion sense.
Going from sporty to dapper only takes a dollop of gel, some wax or pomade. This brings not only shine and a fine scent but can also give the hair a new direction.

Centered Texture

Short and simple haircut for men
Even though the hair has about the same length all around, it does not have to be the same texture or the same styling all over. Even short and simple haircuts for men like this can be versatile enough to be modified with different types of styling.
For this subtle effect the hair in the center of the crown was styled forward in the shape of a triangle. The sides point down and a few strands stick up in the back. The styling product was only applied on top and then pulled through the hair with a fine comb.

Modern Look for Men

Side view of a modern short haircut with a neat outline for men
Flawless at the office, practical at the gym and hot eye candy at the club - this short haircut is one who does it all. The outline is neat and smooths around the head like a classic men's cut with a short neck and a dip in front of the ears. The bangs have the same length as the rest of the hair and are thus rather short.
This side view shows a great way to modify the styling of this cut with a little product applied on top where the hair is pulled forward, while the sides and back are combed down in a more conservative way. The warm brown tone with just slight darker and lighter areas keeps things grounded.

Casual Young Hairstyle

Casual young hairstyle for men
Every generation has certain hairstyles that are labeled as rebellious. Today's wild boy looks still have a strong influence from their earlier vintage editions. The 1950s brought us the combed back rockabilly looks with the longer top hair, finely cut outlines and short sides. Then came the mushrooms cuts, followed by a range of more or less preppy expression and of course punk.
This handsome new look combines elements of all of these and combines the exciting shape with an even more exciting play of color that is used to accentuate the shape. Sides are darker than the rest but transition smoothly into the highlighted top section.

Stylish and Slicked Back

Mens haircut with the long top hair styled back
The previous version of this haircut was the windblown, casual appearance. With a tiny bit of effort and a wee bit of product, his long top hair can be styled to the utmost of male chic. Nothing is left to chance with a touch of pomade or other products offering flexible hold.
The long top hair is styled back, but not without giving it some lift in the roots at first. We don't want to see him with just a flat head, a bit of volume has so much more charisma that we can't wait to run our fingers through it too.

Down with the Fringe

Mens haircut with the fringe styled down and the sides towards the face
Styled back is one great way to express your inner feeling of freedom and style. However, the same haircut can also be worn with the fringe styled down in front and the general direction of the hair on the sides towards the face.
The warm hair color effect with a coppery tone in the medium brown stands out now in a diagonal layer of strands across the now layered fringe with an asymmetrical tip. The sides are pulled straight down as well and before they were given just a little curve for shape and volume.

Side View with Quiff

Side view of a short mens haircut with a quiff and a clipped nape
This man is on a mission. We are not sure which one, but he is blazing his own trail and has his own ideas about style and fashion. For the hair he is going vintage this season and presents himself with a rockabilly style, updated of course in cut, color and texture.
The quiff is not the highest one out there but it is part of a beautiful line running from the forehead all the way down to the very short, clipped nape. All of the transitions in this haircut with its short sides and longer top hair, are smooth. And so is the color which perfectly blends from a darker brown back and under to a lighter, sun kissed tone on top.

Lifted Styling

Mens hair with varying lengths and lifted styling
Put up your coat collars and style your hair to go along with it. Nothing is better to add flavor to those dreary fall and winter days than a superhot hairstyle with a lot of bold texture and a color that illuminates the gray days and long nights.
The layered hairstyle features varying lengths that all play together so well that the image is one of rocking attitude but with a smooth harmony built in as well. His very natural looking dark blonde hair was enhanced just a little with strategically placed highlights. A flexible styling product keeps the hair in its raised place in all wind and weather.

Frontal View with Volume

Man with his hair styled upward and leaning towards the back
The front shows how the face is framed with a half halo shape of blonde locks that are styled upward and leaning towards the back. This hairstyle gets all of its dynamic energy from the lift of the hair and the pointy texture in the slightly curved tips.
With a state-of-the-art highlighting the radiance of his medium to dark blonde hair is turned up to a radiant shine and all in a very suave and harmonious way without any harsh transitions.

Sublime Highlights

Simple male hairstyle with modern highlights
One of the best ways to create dimension and optical volume in the hair is with the help of color combinations that create a lot of light and shadow. Modern highlights are fine and never harsh, they harmonize with the other colors in the hair and are often just a slightly lighter version of these, looking as if a ray of sun suddenly touches the hair.
Placed in strategic places to enhance and illuminate or just in the tips, these new highlights can turn a simple male hairstyle from nice to fabulous. His layered hair gains much momentum not only from the lifted styling, but especially from the refined use of color.

Rock'n Roll

Mens hairstyle with a quiff and slicked-back sides
There are many ways to style a quiff. One of the most interesting ones is seen here with its asymmetrical twist and the high, triangular shape of the top hair. It will take some practice to style it that way, but the looks you'll get will so be worth the effort. Sides are strict and slicked back to not distract from the angled construction on top.
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