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Hair Fashion Autumn/Winter 08/09

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks Haircuts

  • new short haircut with bangs
  • modern short haircut with bangs
  • new and elegant short pixie hairstyle
  • pixie hairstyle with long bangs
  • new pageboy haircut with bangs
  • short straight hair with shine
  • chin length pageboy hair cut
  • pageboy styled with waves and curls
  • mid length hair fashion
  • 1940s hair with curls
  • vintage look hair with corkscrew shaped curls
  • casual up style with a loose chignon
  • new long hair look
  • long hair with cherry red color
  • long and sleek face framing hair
  • long layered red hair with curls
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Form? Perfection? And Style? Really! The new trendy looks bring out the full potential of hair.
The hairstyles for the autumn/winter season are allowed to be it all: natural, artistic, luxurious, cool, classical, rebellious, and extravagant. As long as style and class are a part of it as well. Both guarantee the perfect symbiosis of cut, shape and color. The new looks presented by the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks (ZV) - the main organization of the Hairstylist trade in Germany - are setting new standards for chic and lifestyle. A fashion for connoisseurs and those who want to become one.
Wintertime is fashion time. Now the more is what counts, not the less. Against the cold, the wetness, grey days. For more chic, more radiance, more good mood. Just for this the fashion makers of the ZV have combined sophisticated cuts with unique styling and expressive colors. The result: perfect looks that are always a step ahead of the mainstream when it comes to style and class. The new fashion collection for autumn/winter 2008/2009 convinces with premium styles and celebrates the zest for finding the extraordinary in fashion.
  • short hair for men
  • short and sporty haircut for men
  • simple short haircut for men
  • modern look for men
  • casual young hairstyle for men
  • Mens hair styled towards the back
  • male hair with a long fringe
  • masculine hair with a quiff
  • male hair with lifted styling
  • male hair with upwards styling
  • male hair with highlights
  • Rock'n Roll look hair for men
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Among the most important topics and motives are natural beauty, glamour-chic, geometric design, classical esthetics and once again the rocker style. For women the fringe areas play a big role, for men the focus is on distinctive cutting lines. In the realm of colors all the extreme hues are still being left in the past: blonde, red and brown tones remain subtle, but enchant with their depth, shine and modern accents.
The styles were inspired by the German model scene. The outfits that could be seen on the catwalk of the casting show "Germany's next Top model" have given strong impulses to the ZV hair fashion designers. They also found a treasure trove of influences in the 1940s Hollywood and of course with the celebrities of the international movie and music industry.
Be it short or long, straight or in motion - the ZV Trend collection presents many variations to put you into the center of fashion attention. The exciting play of shape and color, lengths and proportions, technical precision and a huge dose of creativity make these new looks the eye catchers of the season.
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks