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Synergy by seanhanna

Elements come together to form a masterpiece that is grander than the sum of its parts. This was the inspiration for seanhanna's sublime collection of hairstyles aptly named "Synergy". Opposites attract and that is true especially when it comes to hair design.
  • hairstyle with heavy fringe
  • choppy cut with curved fringe
  • short asymetric fringe
  • short graduated bob
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Geometrical corners are backed by feathery strands, spiral curls, disheveled in their nature, are shaped to an asymmetrical shape, sleek and wispy - all go hand in hand, or lets say head to head.
Colors are basic since the focus is on the shape. Blonde, brunette and black make up the seanhanna palette in this collection. Extroverted but sophisticated. Sassy and wildly modern.
Hair: Sean & Sky at seanhanna
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Make up: Jose Base
Photography: Antony Mascolo & Roberto Aguilrer for TIGI
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