Synergy by seanhanna

Modern hair design
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Elements come together to form a masterpiece that is grander than the sum of its parts. This was the inspiration for seanhanna's sublime collection of hairstyles aptly named "Synergy". Opposites attract, and that is especially true when it comes to hair design.
Geometrical corners are backed by feathery strands. Spiral curls, disheveled in their nature, are shaped to an asymmetrical shape. Sleek and wispy - all go hand in hand, or lets say head to head.
Hair colors are kept basic since the focus is on the shapes. Blonde, brunette, and black make up the seanhanna palette in this collection. Extroverted yet sophisticated. Sassy and wildly modern.

Twisted Hair

Short hairstyle with twisted hair and spiral locks
Spiral locks have evolved from their romantic roots and are now sizzling hot, falling into her face like a raging cascade. The bangs are truly the star of this look, which is short in the back. The key to its success lies in the styled and unstyled chemistry. To achieve disheveled glamour, the hair is run through a curling iron to create a seemingly random, yet balanced pattern.
A narrow peek-a-boo opening in the fringe allows her to throw her smoldering glances into the world. Dangerous in its nature, this hairstyle needs an equally disarming color, and the medium blonde with lightning streaks of light blonde is more than appropriate to wreak havoc.

Curved Fringe

Short choppy haircut with a curved fringe
Curves are aplenty in this short, round, and feathered haircut. She wears it with attitude and has good reason to do so. The base is a round cut, which in this case comes with layers along the sides and in the back. The resulting freedom of motion for the hair results in the sassy curved styling of the wispy tips, which gives a soft touch to the bold look.
The bangs are dense, and more movement is created on the crown by overlapping wide strands of hair and adding different directions to the hair. Subtle effects, but working as one, they create a synergy of the memorable kind.

Long, Short and Geometry

Powerful middle of the back haircut with a short front
All in one with synergy galore. Falling to the middle of her back, the neck hair unfolds its sultry beauty even more dramatically through the contrast with the short front. But that is not all.
The side is shaped with laser-sharp corners that fall at a slight angle from behind her ear to her jawline, and the second one just below her eye. In addition, there is a tapered, layered section in the back that feathers out in a mysterious juxtaposition. Sleek and black, this haircut is the most powerful of the looks presented in this extravagant collection.

Glossy in Strands

Sleek bob hair cut with flared up sides
This bob is all grown up into an avant-garde masterpiece. It makes one aware once again what an amazing art medium hair can be. The right cut, in this case, a bob with point-cut texture, is treated with a shine-inducing styling product and elevates itself out of mediocrity with its flared-up sides and sleek texture.
The fringe barely touches the eyebrows and guides our attention to her outrageous smoky eye makeup. It is short enough to showcase the high collar of her couture jacket.
Hair: Sean & Sky at seanhanna
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Makeup: Jose Base
Photography: Antony Mascolo & Roberto Aguilrer for TIGI
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