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"Overcut" Hairstyles Collection

Moving Hair - Switzerland

"Pure and Simple"
The Moving Hair Art-Team interprets the moods and images of the international catwalks and creates new trends in hairstyling. Bernd Nicolaisen, Creative Director of Moving Hair says:" Inspired by purist shapes the precise cutting lines are lightened with natural and fresh appearing movement in the hair.
The looks are versatile and easy to adapt to each customer, with many styling options. Marbled, flowing color treatments in the trendy colors sandy blonde, cherry, iridescent copper give a lot of shine and glamour to the trendy cuts."
  • spiky cropped hair
  • courageous haircut
  • hair with bright berry tones
  • chunky hairstyle
  • sleek neckline
  • exact haircut
  • stripes of haircolors
  • spiraling curls
  • wild long hair
  • male with highlights
  • versatile male haircut
  • unique hairstyle
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"Cut and Movement"
The trend: The team spirit of the Moving Hair Art team created these cut and color combinations that offer a rich array of variations. The new hair ideas range from short undercut lengths to compact shaped fringe areas all the way to asymmetrical, strongly layered top hair. The cut supports the natural motion of the hair and gives a lot of volume to the hair.
"Sun Beam" - The Color Icon
The coloring technique "Sun Beam" adds partial shine to the style. The interwoven play of creative cut and coloring combinations result in an unmistakable identity for the customer. Beautiful contrasts between Mocha, light blond and copper nuances are achieved that keep a balance with the client. Deep brown tones at the roots flow into a differentiated pastel blonde in the tips.
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