"Overcut" by Moving Hair

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"Pure and Simple"
The Moving Hair Art Team interprets the moods and images of the international catwalks and creates new trends in hairstyling. Bernd Nicolaisen, Creative Director of Moving Hair says:" Inspired by purist shapes the precise cutting lines are lightened with natural and fresh appearing movement in the hair.
The looks are versatile and easy to adapt to each customer, with many styling options. Marbled, flowing color treatments in the trendy colors sandy blonde, cherry, iridescent copper give a lot of shine and glamour to the trendy cuts."
"Cut and Movement"
The trend: The team spirit of the Moving Hair Art Team created these cut and color combinations that offer a rich array of variations. The new hair ideas range from short undercut lengths to compact shaped fringe areas all the way to asymmetrical, strongly layered top hair. The cut supports the natural motion of the hair and gives a lot of volume to the hair.
"Sun Beam" - The Color Icon
The coloring technique "Sun Beam" adds partial shine to the style. The interwoven play of creative cut and coloring combinations result in an unmistakable identity for the customer. Beautiful contrasts between Mocha, light blond and copper nuances are achieved that keep a balance with the client. Deep brown tones at the roots flow into a differentiated pastel blonde in the tips.

Spiky Short Haircut

Haircut with spiky short hair cropped close to the head
New ways for the spiky short haircut. The main density is in the very short hair, cropped close to the head. Longer thin strands stand free on the side. More of those in a denser fashion decorate the crown.
The look is wispy, punky, free and creative. A little styling gel with extra hold helps with the styling. On top a darker color smoothly blends into light blonde tips.

Free Spirited Hairstyle

Free spirited hairstyle with orange hair coloring
Creative and free spirited are the words to describe the hairstyles. There is no limit to style and to playing with shapes and colors. Here strong layers, thinner at the bottom, create an oval silhouette.
The counters are broken and freed up with courageous cuts and spontaneous yet precise lines. A bold orange over a deep merlot chestnut hair color top it all off.

Hair above the Ears

Short haircut with spiky portions
Heavy layers interact with finer fringy strands and a play of joyful berry colors. The bangs are cut slightly asymmetrically with the rest of the head layered throughout. The mass of hair is kept above the ears with a few spiky portions right at the crown. The hair color is a triple delight - darker browns topped with strong and bright berry tones.

Art of Hair

Hairstyle with planned haphazardness and patchy blonde tones
Multiple dimensions and pure art of hair set the tone for this unique hairstyle. Choppy and irregular layers with blunt edges are straightened and enchant with their planned haphazardness.
The hair color is equally adventurous: a reddish, dark copper tone is the base for slices of light in chunky and patchy blonde and silverfish tones.

Short Hair & Sleek Neckline

Long and short hair in one cut
From darkness to light, from long to short. A long, sleek neckline is artfully topped with a daring layered cut that mixes wild frizzy strands with precision cut parts. The bangs are cut as short as possible and tapering out into longer sides that again have surprising incisions and unexpected corners.
An interesting combination of long and short hair in one cut! Layers of color in chocolate to platinum blonde put the crown on this masterpiece.

Temptation in Red Hair

Free spirited choppy cut in a daring red hair color
Temptation in red for the daring and free spirited. Long choppy layers leave enough room for the under cut. The wild fringes are sitting atop a round, clear lined super exact haircut. The top strands are straight and styling products give them the right bounce and hold. All is dipped in a red hair color with all the nuances of a tropical sunset.

Layers, Chunks & Stripes

New hairstyle with chunks and stripes of dark and light hair colors
Layers, chunks, stripes are the main ingredients of this new hairstyle. Thick and heavy bangs interplay with the lighter and fringy spiked strands on top that are mirrored at the ends that are touching the shoulders.
Spontaneous wild portions balance straight lines and blunt cuts. The colors are bold as well with thick chunks of dark and light all the way from ebony over caramel color to light blonde.

Modern Romantic Curls

Modern romantic hairstyle with large spiraling curls
Romantic curls with a cool and modern touch. The layered hair is partially shaped into generous, large spiraling curls on the sides and on the back of the head. The front is kept sleek and straight with its fresh layers.
Let the sunshine in with extra light highlights that are centered in the middle of the crown and cascade down in an explosion of light.

Air of Spontaneity

Long hair with thorough layering and an air of spontaneity
No need to tame this wild mane. With its versatility and styling options, this is a perfect hairstyle for many personalities and each one makes it their own. Unique and unmistakably. Rebellious yet elegant and with the air of spontaneity.
The movement and texture are created by thoroughly layering long hair. The light bangs are cut at the brows. Two-tone highlights bring luster and volume.

Highlights for Men

Men's hair with highlights in two tones
Take a clean and neat "banker" haircut and send it to "urban club land". Back comes this harmonious mix of two elements. Clear and precise lines underneath are topped of by a bundle of longer strands that are styled in all directions. The contrast is also in a color with highlights in two tones from red to platinum on a dark brown base.

Versatile Men's Hairstyle

Versatile men's hairstyle with extra short bangs
Versatile, modern and ultra chic. Extra short cropped bangs are topped off with long and lightly layered strands. A handful of styling gel keeps them spiky and wherever you would like them to last through the night. Style with your hands.

Creative Hairstyle

Unique hairstyle with red, orange and gold colors
Be the queen of the night with this unique and creative hairstyle. It is ideal for thick hair that is chopped, cropped and dyed. The layers are rough and don't have any soft edges. Straight and thick bangs move into equally thick sides.
Playful, fairy like long curly strands can be your own, or borrowed. Red, orange and gold are the colors of choice.
All photos ©Moving Hair - Switzerland
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