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Romántica - Consciente

Paul Gehring for ALCINA

  • short hair with a silver color
  • short hair with neat lines
  • short in the back haircut
  • pixie with a cropped back
  • modern blonde bob
  • medium bob with curls
  • angled bob with curls
  • classy short hair
  • out of the face hairstyle
  • hair taken to the back
  • hair with a center part and curls
  • long hair with bouncy curls
  • head full of curls
  • high updo
  • styled back look for men
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Innovation with a look back to favorite styles of past decades, this is Romántica, one of the great hairstyles collections by Paul Gehring. Inspiration always comes from something we know and it is the job of the artist to make us see the familiar in a new way, to redefine its boundaries and give it new life and a new expression.
Paul Gehring did just that with hairstyles that made women beautiful already in the 50s and 70s, but there is nothing vintage or dusty about this stunning and modern line. Feminine styles show their sexy side with great textures, feisty short cuts and romantic curly manes.
In this collection Gehring explores the many moods of romance and we can all find our new favorite look among these great choices. Classy elegance or edgy futurism, which one was made for you?
Hair: Paul Gehring for ALCINA
Make-up: Fabrizio Camponeschi & Fabio Lo Coco
Photography: Carlo Battillocchi