Fashion Diamonds

  • Feminine short hair with waves
  • Hair with back combing
  • Black hair with oblong loopy curls
  • Black hairstyle

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Photo 1: Check out the deep irresistible waves that touch the temples around the eyes and skirt the hair into an edgy flip, while the rest circulates back to the jaw and into a curl. The top gives a heavier precedence to the rise of a pouf on the one side and comes back into a double wave on both sides. For feminine appeal, roll your hair with rollers if you desire waves.
Photo 2: Flaxen hair is carved to the cutting edge when it is scrupulously brushed away from the face with a cluster of bouffant ruffled curls. A fine ornament is positioned along the side of the hair adding finesse to the overall image. Plenty of back combing will be necessary for this hairstyle and spray.
Photo 3: Small oblong loopy curls are arranged in boundless childlike forms that takes the viewer back to their adolescence. Various petite sections of hair have been patiently coiled for this charming hairstyle. For less work, a permanent can be given to achieve this style for a lasting impression.
Photo 4: Observe this most remarkable haircut that can be as changeable as the weather. Built up from the forehead into a grand array of height, the hair is slighter along the sides and stacks out once again in the back, blending easily with the crown. Small attractive clips finalize the black hairstyle.
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial