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Raw Transitions

Jola De Legge for Salon De Legge

  • short 60s bob
  • very short undercut
  • multicolor shag hairstyle
  • sleek shag hairstyle
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Moving shapes and moving colors. Made for strong women. Jola de Legge brings power back to hairstyles and also picks up some of the favorite themes in hair from the past few decades. Too young to be retro but new classics in the making, these hairstyles combine exciting cuts with fine blends of colors to enhance and illuminate the shapes.
The rawness is in the bold lines, daring accents. They are not even trying to be sweet, but catch you with their intense femininity that does not take a no for an answer. Two haircuts are shown in two styling variations each, transitioning from nice to a bit naughty and back.
Hair & Make-up: Jola De Legge for Salon De Legge Poland/USA
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