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Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 12-13

Hair fashion for the season
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Bigger, bolder and blonder is VOG coiffure's vision for hair fashion this season. Glamorous, bodacious hairstyles with curves galore are ready to tempt and seduce. Everything is intense and there is no holding back. Volume is the word and it comes in clean lines, disheveled manes, with distinct curls and high quiffs.
Any shape you can imagine is boosted with extra volume and movement. The hair color chart is made out of golden light, champagne bubbles, vanilla frosting and sheer platinum delight. Inspired by iconic looks throughout the last decades, the spirit of old Hollywood luxury and rockabilly revolutions it brings us the best of all worlds - with a bit more extra.

Disheveled Layers

Feminine medium length layered hairstyle
Feeling patriotic? Don a red, white and blue but mix it up with a glam hairstyle. The medium long layered haircut is ultra feminine and seductive with its bed head lines and the gorgeous volume. The hair is casually parted on the side, and the layers are waved with large curls in the ends.
To get this dramatic effect the hair is moved in different directions. The fringe, as thin as a veil, moves to the right, the sides move to the left. Wispy tips stick out all over and boost the lightness and volume even more.

Curls and Volume

Blonde vintage hairstyle with large curls
Sculpted curls bring the finesse back into hair and together with it the flamboyance of classic movie icon styles. Curves and vintage temptation, not a new trend, but an eternal allure.
Under the stylish direction of VOG this sophisticated look of smoldering passion turns artistic with the unreal texture, the boudoir blonde hair color and the sculpted shape. Made for your own personal runway, this hairstyle will get you attention and new admirers. Are you ready for all of the buzz?

Sculpted Quiff

Hair for a Marilyn Monroe look
Why not push the limits this season. You have the diva vibe and now it is time to show it. A sculpted hairstyle with a huge quiff is just what the doctor ordered to fight all cold weather blues. A bob was layered and then curled with determination.
Large, generous curls lift the sides to just below her ears, and the gentle layers create shape and volume. The highlight of this so very Marilyn Monroe look is the upward rising fringe that is styled into a gorgeous quiff with a big body and an even bigger attitude.

Adorable Short Bob

Stylish short bob with waves
Short blonde bob with a side fringe
A cool swing is all you need to make it through the day in the most stylish way. Show your taste with the evergreen style of a bob, cut just below the cheekbones. With a distinct side part and large waves, the classic turns trendy and retro chic.
A very narrow strand of platinum accentuated the long side fringe, ever so subtle. The curve covering a part of her eye is sexy and mysterious. This hairstyle can be worn dressed up or down, it goes along with all of your extravagances and stays in shape with some mousse and good styling skills.

Short Haircut with Top Volume

Festive pixie with volume styling
This is another way to define big hair. Short on the sides, all of the excitement is happening on top of her head where bouncy curls create rocking volume. Of course there is a good seasoning of vintage flair in the mix and the vision of a festive pixie cut that is feminine and sexy, but that also has a modern edge.
A buttery warm blonde heats up even the coldest winter days and nights, the platinum effects illuminate it and to call the color combination ravishing would be an understatement.

Short Fashion Hairstyle

Blonde pixie with a longer neck section
Short and wavy pixie hairstyle
Haute Couture with a rockabilly interpretation. The eternal quiff that made the looks of so many idols in the 1950s has turned feminine and glamorous. What was once the look of the rebel, now illuminates the catwalks and found its way into metropolitan fashion.
The cut features a gradual lengthening of the hair from the back to the front with a long section smoothing itself against her neck. A lot of thick volume is generated with styling tools and products and then it is shaped to this amazing roll right above here forehead. Another version of the look can be seen below with a wavy pompadour as smooth as silk.

Short Hairstyle with Texture

Short crop for a gender neutral hairstyle
Simple in its approach, but so refined in the outcome. A short crop with a lot of texture in the tips and an adorable androgynous feel. This haircut is truly gender neutral and looks great on men as well, perhaps with a bit less texture.
The way she wears it makes it feminine and extremely dangerous. Styled to the side the long fringe shows off its texture and the fine highlights. The sides remain simple and point downward.

Short Hair with Retro Styling

Short hair with retro pomade styling
A revival of hairstyles from the 1930s and 40s brought back short sides with a longer top section, styled meticulously and often with a dollop of pomade. For this look a straight side part was drawn, and the hair was combed over while creating a fun wave in front.
Minimalism can be very attractive this way. All she needs besides her perfect coif is the red lipstick and a few drops of her favorite perfume and she will own the night.
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