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Warm & Softness

Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure

Warm and soft hairstyles
The title of this collection says it all. Warm and Soft is the best way to describe the six new hairstyles by Guys & Dolls. The warmth comes with the colors that all have a radiant brown tone, some more coffee and some more paprika. Each hair color is rich and full of heat reminding of the colors of a forest in fall.
The softness is in the cuts with layers, smooth lines and fine textures. Whether the hair is curly or straight, all styles have plenty of volume, soft movement and are feminine and sensuous. Another common element is a side part with long bangs that fall gently into the face. Most important however is the option to style the hair in different ways, even at home. Each look comes with an alternative styling to get your imagination started.

Long Hairstyle with Big Curls

long reddish hair with curls and a pink silk blouse
Great curls always are irresistible like no other look. Voluptuous volume with all of those romantic, beautiful curls is wonderfully dramatic. The long hair is parted slightly on the side with just a short line leading into an elevated back, styled with a hint of a retro bump in the rear section of the crown.
Soft and fluffy, this hairstyle exudes incredible charm and the warm, reddish brown hair color not only makes her blue eyes sparkle, but also brings a lot of heat to the colder days.

Fake Bob

fake bob
You don't have to cut your hair to sport a shorter look like this bob. With the right layering it is easy to convert long hair, as seen in the previous photo, into a pretty chin length bob. The curls are still there and give the classic cut it soft volume and rounded shape.
All that was done to achieve this metamorphosis was a semi hidden updo in the back. All of the longer layers are gathered and pinned in the back. The result is feminine, classy look with a sassy energy and a vibrant color.

Sleek Medium Long Hairstyle

sleek medium hairstyle with good volume
A great casual hairstyle for every day. The long layers keep the swing in the hair and also create good volume. Bangs are long and work with the sides to frame the face in a nice oval shape with extra softness through the feathery tips that are curved inward.
With the shoulder length she has some great options to play with different stylings and even updos. See a sassy idea in the next images.

Layers all Fluffed Up

fluffed up medium long hair with layers
Switch the smoothing product for some mousse and hairspray and you can transform the sleek look into this lively and sassy hairstyle. Much more volume and movement take the casual look from before to a wilder incarnation of itself.
The textured ends are curved and point outward in delightful wispy wildness. The shortest layer is almost at chin length, which keeps the top part sleeker and most of the action happens in the lower half. With her warm brown hair color she is ready for a spicy fall.

Short Bob with Texture

simple short bob haircut
A warm red brings the colors of autumn leaves to the hair. This intense color looks great on the simple haircut, that has a lot of finesse on its own. A basic bob shape was textured in the lower perimeter to adjust the shape to the shape of her head and also to open up possibilities for many, many fun stylings.
The texture brings softness and modern chic. The chin length edge gently curves in, a gorgeous side effect of a perfect cut. With the long bangs and the intense shine, she will get a lot of admiring looks.

Short Party Hairstyle

party hairstyle for short hair
A few curls and her great layered bob turns into a hot hairstyle for the party. Added volume in the roots lifts the entire look and with a bit of patience and a curling iron all of the textured ends can be turned into happy curls that really boost the hair and the spirit.
Even the long bangs now have a sassy out and upward swing that makes the entire hair seem to dance. A great and refined touch is the eye shadow in a similar copper color as the hair. With so much red heat going on, the lipstick should be subtle.
Hair Sasscha Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
Make-up: Ditte Kragballe
Products: Paul Mitchell
Photography: Bert Goeman
Clothing: Hale Bob & Rocking Blue


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