Joico Hairstyles

New looks for healthy hair
"The Art of Healthy Hair" is the mission of Joico and a highly creative team turns this motto into fabulous looks to show off the well-nourished tresses in all their glory.
Playing with different themes and sources of inspiration, International Artistic Directors Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton surprise us over and over with the bold and beautiful results of their imagination.
Graphical, geometric elements, sharp lines and bold contrasts of colors and textures are the key players. The new looks have a cool, detached appeal and are trenched with feminine power in their short and long expressions.

Sharply Tapered Hair

Long hair with highlights sharp tapering
Geometric cutting lines define the bangs and the sides all the way to the chin. From here the sides of the hair are sharply tapered and run out into textured tips.
This distinct shape gets its "icing on the cake" with the highly refined hair coloring effect of transitioning, graduated shades of glowing red and orange on a brown base.
Wider and narrow highlights create an alluring pattern that fades in intensity towards to back.

Long Top Hair

Short hair graduated for thickness
Short hair is graduated for ultimate thickness which gives much support to the long top hair. A clear outline corresponds brilliantly with the messy top layer full of volume and a high glam factor.
The hair color follows the shape by lightening towards the top from a dark mahogany under section to bright and passionate reds. The general direction is up and forward for a powerful dynamic.

Frosted Spikes

Short blonde crop with graduated layers
Forward is the way to move. Against the stream and all odds that are out there. Never look back and blast your own trail. This short crop hairstyle manifests this positive energy with its textured, graduated layers and a fine transition of color from dark blonde to a sunny strawberry blonde around the fringe. Long sections are styled into the face from the sides for a flattering frame.

Sculpted Mahogany

Short mahogany hair with shine
Like a sculpture by modern artist Henry Moore the short hair was molded to flow around the head in organic roundness, emphasized by the pointy side. The overlapping sections resemble precious, heavy silk and use color to enhance their effect.
Streaks of wood and fire tones follow the shape and bring in amazing shine and depth.

Tapered Sophistication

Long and sleek hair with tapered sides
Long and sleek, as elegant as a little black dress. This exquisite, finetuned hairstyle pulls all the strings. With its long, tapered sides that reach from the jaw line to mid-chest, diagonal bangs with a little twist and gemlike coloring it is the ideal headdress for extravagant females with a creative spirit and sophisticated style.

Bob with Tapered Sides

Shaggy blonde bob with tapered sides
A shaggy bob received a refined tune-up with finely tapered sides that bring out the cheekbones and have a lengthening effect on the face. Styling creates tousled tendrils that are topped of with a fine layer of gossamer texture that softens the whole look by shrouding it oh so lightly in a fine mist of hair. Nutmeg tones are layered and alternated with a sandy blonde for added drama.

Jagged Short Hair

Jagged short hair with spiky sides
Jagged plateaus of hair intermingle and overlap, guarded by almost vertical spiky sides like the structure of a magnificent glacier. Bathed in a golden shine, this short hairstyle is on the brink of hair stardom with a hint of the 80s but all roots firmly planted in the present time. The diagonal fringe falls into the face with churning movement and admirable attitude.

Medium Long Bob

Medium long tapered bob for platinum blonde hair
Who knew that an icy platinum blonde could be so hot? Long lines, tapered framing of the face and distinct texture spice up the medium long bob. The extra twist is brought into the equation by varying lengths of the diagonal strands that make up the fringe. A power look made for strong mavens of fashion.

Short Gamine Hairstyle

Short gamine hairstyle with a long fringe
The fringe is the longest section of hair and adds an extravagant twist to the short gamine cut. The clear outline defines the style, and movement comes through the forward styling and the use of color to visually improve the flow and dimension of the forward momentum. Tiny sideburns add definition to the cheekbones.

Lifted Crown

Sleek long hairstyle with a lifted crown
Elegant sleekness and tightly styled hair along sides and back leads all attention to the crown. There the long layers were lifted as much as a good product can hold before they smooth back to complete the rounded silhouette that takes the eye down the back and fizzles out with slightly textured lengths at the shoulder line.

Short Festive Hairstyle

Short hair with festive curls
Giant luscious curls are shaped to a trapeze with a teasing asymmetrical slant. The fullness of the body of hair appears light and fluffy with all the curly activity that is happening and rises up high on one side to gently slope, creating a diagonal fringe and slightly lower ending point on the other side. Elegance with a fresh dose of glamour for festive events.

Bob with Straight Lines

Blunt cut blonde bob with straight lines
Timelessly beautiful and in this case with an ethereal yet very carnal spirit, the bob never ceases to delight. The straight lines, cut blunt with razor-sharp angles at the temples evoke icons of style from decades past while enhancing the character of each woman who is ready to make a statement. Simplicity throughout creates a powerful image.

Breathtaking Hair Color

Short haircut with breathtaking hair colors
Defined lines and a breathtaking color dominate this short hair look. Like fine abstract art the shape of this style plays with perception and challenges our perception. What is left out is just as powerful as what is presented in the color of glowing embers and red gold. Diagonal styling, a directed flow and transitions of light and shadow leave an impact.

Red Hair with Spikes

Short cut with spikes for red hair
From a straight, bluntly cut base, a rounded fringe with defined angles towards the pointed sides arises a ferocious top layer of effervescent spikes that are styled in all directions for ultimate electric vibration.
Doused in a shockingly intense red hue with dark borders and golden high points this short hair look is a declaration of freedom and expression.

Long Tapered Hair

Long tapered blonde hair with a low side partition
The low side partition allows the hair to flow across the face in a wide sweeping curve before it connects to the tapered, long sides.
Following the ending point of the curve, the tapering is repeated from a lower starting point on the other side which creates its own dynamic asymmetry and harmony of the rounded lines. The blonde hair color appears in light and dark shades to increase the effect.

Tapered and Straight Hair Mix

Long hair with tapering and symmetry
The symmetry of the long haircut is offset by the asymmetric application of berry colored effects on the raven dark base. A mix of tapered and straight elements culminates in the precise fringe and its rounded connection to the long, straight sides.
The calmness of the shape is the perfect canvas for the fine blend of color that combines smooth transitions and hard lines.
Photos: Joico
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