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Joico Hairstyles

"The Art of Healthy Hair" is the mission of Joico and a highly creative team turns this motto into fabulous looks to show off the well nourished tresses in all their glory.
Playing with different themes and sources of inspiration International Artistic Directors Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton surprise us over and over with the bold and beautiful results of their imagination.
  • hair with sharp tapering
  • graduated short hair
  • short crop
  • mahogany hair with shine
  • sleek tapered hair
  • bob with tapered sides
  • hair with spiky sides
  • tapered bob
  • long fringe
  • lifted hair style
  • festive curls
  • blunt cut bob
  • short hair look
  • short look for red hair
  • long tapered blonde hair
  • cut with symmetry
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Graphical, geometric elements, sharp lines and bold contrasts of colors and textures are the key players. The new looks have a cool, detached appeal and are trenched with feminine power in their short and long expressions.
Their style goes against the grain and pushes mediocrity out of the way with looks full of motion, courage and passion.
Photos: Joico