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The Hair Season 08/09

Alexander Seidel

How the mood of the summer becomes the latest hair fashion.
Nature is a never ending source for new inspiration. That is why the creations by Alexander Seidel for the season reflect natural light moods and the emotions caused by those. In the beginning the team around the hairstylist world champion asked themselves the following questions:
Which impression of light does the sun give on a summer day? What are the color nuances in the morning and at noon, in the evening and in the hours of the night? How do they feel and how are hairstyles deriving from this look?
The result was not meant to be detached creations, that only a hairdresser with all his equipment can realize. More than that the focus was on every day proof, uncomplicated creations that exude a grand allure. Creations that improve the appearance and give the person charisma and elegance.
  • bob with soft contours around the face
  • heavy bangs for long hair
  • hair with curls and a copper shine
  • male hair with heavy bangs
  • bleached and coloured hair
  • hair rolled over papillotes and coloring in a deer-brown hue
  • hair with a metallic gray hue
  • steel effect hair color
  • haircolor with transition and a cool base
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How can this effect be demonstrated better, than with people who are not models by profession, but who are just making their first experience with professional styling and shooting? Therefore at the end of January 2008 the invitation to a casting went out. More than 60 applied.
Nine favorites were picked. They represent how the collaboration of form and color brings out the individual personality and therewith reveals the beauty of each human being. The comparison of the casting and later shooting shots is the best proof.
Enjoy a summer day that turned into hairstyle!
Creative Director: Alexander Seidel
Assistants: Claudia Grenz, Rafaele Stohwasser, Tobias Strunz
Photos: Medien-Galerie A. Seidel