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How the mood of the summer becomes hair fashion.
Nature is a never-ending source for new inspiration. That is why the creations by Alexander Seidel for the season reflect natural light moods and the emotions caused by those. In the beginning the team around the hairstylist world champion asked themselves the following questions:
Which impression of light does the sun give on a summer day? What are the color nuances in the morning and at noon, in the evening and in the hours of the night? How do they feel and how are hairstyles deriving from this look?
The result was not meant to be detached creations, that only a hairdresser with all his equipment can realize. More than that the focus was on everyday proof, uncomplicated creations that exude a grand allure. Creations that improve the appearance and give the person charisma and elegance.
How can this effect be demonstrated better than with people who are not models by profession, but who are just making their first experience with professional styling and shooting? Therefore at the end of January 2008 the invitation to a casting went out. More than 60 applied.
Nine favorites were picked. They represent how the collaboration of form and color brings out the individual personality and therewith reveals the beauty of each human being. The comparison of the casting and later shooting shots is the best proof.
Enjoy a summer day that turned into a hairstyle!

Curl-free Hairstyle

Bob with soft contours around the face for lightened hair
The creation is dominated by a cool blonde. Lisa's hair was carefully lightened and colored with a special coloring technique. An iridescent spectrum with transitions from lilac to gray and a color effect from warm to cool is the result. It gives this hairstyle a uniqueness that surely catches attention.
The haircut is based on the classic, voluminously elaborated bob with soft contours around the face. For the styling the wet hair was blow dried over a large round brush. Combined with mousse this powerful, curl-free hairstyle came into life.
After blow drying the styling was done with a fat-free, shine giving crème and hairspray. The result is a sculptural look, that bows to female poise and also demonstrates style consciousness.

Bangs above the Eyebrows

Blunt cut long hair with bangs that end right above the eyebrows
Painting built up this hairstyle. Light, soft flowing reflexes repeat natural moods of light. This was overlaid with a transparent layer of hair color, that brings in shine and a beaming color effect. Both techniques create Claudia's golden blonde-copper tone.
This is emphasized with the geometrical cut, whose heavy bangs end right above the eyebrows. The long hair was cut flowing yet blunt, in order to not thin out the ends. This cutting technique creates an easy to care for volume-effect, since the hairs are positioned precisely one over the other. Besides the comfort of wearing and being everyday proof the style reduces split ends.
To achieve the lightness and the shining color intensity, the hair was blow dried over a large round brush. A protein styling lotion gives the hair protection and strength. As a final step the style was styled with heat protection spray and a shaping iron.

Hair with Copper Shine Toning

Hair with copper curls
Katja's natural flowing color reflexes were done by painting. This was topped with a copper shine toning, which protects and also intensifies the color with another transparent layer.
The hair was cut evenly and slightly layered.
Sculpting lotion and a shaping liquid gel were applied before rolling up the hair. This provides a stronger hold than a regular style lotion.
After drying, the hair was styled in several stages. For one the curls were brought out strongly with shine spray and shine drops. In addition the classical solution with the glamorous touch, bases solely on the application of shine providing hairspray.

Hairstyle for Men with Bangs

Hairstyle for men with heavy bangs and colors from light to medium blonde
The creation of this hairstyle began with paintings, that were set as reflexes. In their intensity of light, they resemble the reflections of the sun in the Mediterranean. To intensify it, the paintings were covered with "Inspire" by Wella. The result was a play of colors from light to medium blonde. The strong, individual tone is a sophisticated accentuation of the afore set light sections.
Nico's type was also kept through the haircut, by repeating the proportions of the face in the hair. The base is set on the classic "mushroom" shape with heavy bangs and side sections as well as the soft neck.
Some styling liquid was added and the hair was blow dried to find its final shape with some heat styling, shine spray and texture crème.

Bleached and Colored Hair

Hair bleached and colored into blonde with a pink section
As a first step Christina's hair was bleached, to extract the old color. It was replaced by an individually created hue of the Wella's line "Inspire". It is made of a mix of base color and color granules. You see a cool blonde, that is a bit darker at the roots and transitions to a lighter hue. That makes the long section glow. In addition subtle strands were set in pink to enhance the color appeal and the fashion standard.
The haircut bases on the classic bob and follows an asymmetrical line. It's layers were textured.
The layers are very important when it comes to styling, creating a natural lightness. The hair is treated with a moisturizing styling lotion. With the help of a flat iron and a shine providing oil free crème the creation is finally styled with finger techniques.

Hair Rolled over Papillotes

Hair colored in a deep-brown hue and rolled over papillotes to create curls
The basic coloring is a matte, iridescent, deep-brown hue. It was refined with tone-on-tone colored paintings to create a glamorous expression. The color is very natural, that only shows its true, luxurious trait when looked at close-up.
The layering of the existing cut was improved with precision while repeating the proportions of Jennifer's face and optimizing them. The bangs were cut in a light flow to form a base for the following styling of the curls.
The long hair is twirled and rolled over papillotes, enhanced with volume providing mousse. After drying the hair is styled with a good dose of shine spray.

Metallic Gray Hair Color

Short haircut with a metallic gray hair color
Romy's original hair color was a challenge, since red tones fully permeate the hair and are tough to neutralize. For this reason the hair had to be completely bleached. A rather complicated process, in which each segment of hair has to be treated individually.
A new personal coloring was then developed with the line "Inspire". At the roots you see a dark, metallic graphite hue, that dominates the complete color appearance. Light reflexes in the rest of the hair bring out a fascinating play of colors and sparkle.
The short haircut was elaborated in an asymmetrical shape, with the longer top hair supported by shorter sides. The structured lines enable a vivacious and feisty styling, which can be shaped easy and without fuzz.
Romy used a protein-styling lotion, that strengthens and protects fine hair. The finishing touch was made with heat styling and styling crème.

Steel Effect Hair Coloration

Men's haircut with coloring for a metallic steel effect
At first Kevin wanted just a little change. Bleaching his initial hair color makes it a base for the now following iron - metallic hue. This coloration gives the creation the powerful effect of steel.
The haircut refines the proportions of the style and enhances the characteristics of Kevin's type. For this the cut gained more "weight" on the sides and more volume in the back while the bangs are flowing softly.
Moisturizing spray is used as a setting agent. The finish was done with heat styling, shaping shine crème and hairspray.

Cool Base Tone Hair Color

Hair color with a transition from a warm hue to a cool base tone
Anke's base color is a mineral dark brown. A trend color that is recognized only at second glance. The tips of the hair and the mid section are completely painted and transition from the exterior warm hue to the cool base tone.
By layering and strongly texturing the hair, this transition is picked up again. The hair was deliberately not thinned out to enable diverse styling solutions with a clean cut. The haircut is oriented on clear geometry, framing the face and enhancing the back of the head with a long section phasing out.
To style, the hair was blow dried after treating it with a protein crème, which gives lightness, stability, shine and protection. The finish was accomplished with heat-styling, styling crème, hairspray and finger techniques.
Creative Director: Alexander Seidel
Assistants: Claudia Grenz, Rafaele Stohwasser, Tobias Strunz
Photos: Medien-Galerie A. Seidel
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