Cebado - Hairstyles Winter 10

Long and short hairstyles for men and women
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Every day can be a glamour day. Cebado's winter hairstyles collection presents plenty of ideas to put more chic and flattering style into your life, for the cold months and thereafter. Inspired by celebrity looks and catwalk impressions, the hairstyles fill a wide range from long to short and blonde to brunette.
Texture and soft volume are a must and soft, wavy movement joins the party as well. The spirit of the women's looks is intensely feminine. Suggestions for men are short, above the ears, textured with gentle top volume and distinct directional movement.

Easygoing Medium Hairstyle

Easygoing medium hairstyle for brown hair
Even volume frames the face from below the chin to the crown. The base cut is the famous bob, shimmering in a warm coffee brown tone with a lot of shine.
All of the hair was directed out of the face, resulting in a casual and super chic top section, which looks easygoing and effortless while exuding the elegance of simplicity. A good lift on the roots of the sides makes the hair fall in soft roundness.

Playful Hairstyle

Playful medium length hairstyle in spired by the 1970s
A very soft and modern version of a 1970s look featuring a ring of curls around the base with a sleek top section is getting new fans. What makes this playful hairstyle so irresistible is not only the bouncy volume, but the eye catcher right on the forehead.
Textured and asymmetrical bangs are not only super charming but also a focus of fashion in this season.

Short Feathery Haircut

Short and light feathery haircut
Texture galore creates the special softness and feathery lightness of this short haircut. Graduated in the neck, the length just barely covering the ears and progressively longer hair on the crown equip it with numerous chic styling options.
In this case the dynamic motion of the fringe to one side and the coy look out of her eyes undeniably remind us of Lady Diana's famous look, which now has a lighter, modern touch.

Short Vanilla Blonde Hair

Short vanilla blonde hair with layers
Snow White's modern sister wears her hair short and in a warm vanilla blonde. Layers increase in length from the neck and sides towards the top and shape a long, full fringe. Gentle waves all around give the look volume and attractive movement.

Timeless Short Hairstyle

Timeless short blonde hairstyle with large curls
One of the timeless short hairstyles of pop icon Madonna boasts large curls, styled out of the face and a decreasing length of the gently textured layers from the crown to the nape. The face is fully revealed, and all of the hair builds a halo like frame, vibrating with femininity and stylish sophistication.
Glamour and luxury are expressed not only with the exquisite shape but also with the platinum - vanilla blonde mélange of hair colors.

Brigitte Bardot Look

Long blonde hairstyle for a Brigitte Bardot look
Who does not remember Brigitte Bardot's captivating hairstyle? Long hair flowing in vivacious waves and curls, a little extra volume on top and an appealing fringe were her trademark look.
This updated version, clearly inspired by the French screed goddess has strong toothy texture along the fringe and a very natural, silken glow in the hair color that is achieved by combining darker and lighter shades of blonde.

Short Haircut for Men

Short layered haircut for men
Perfect for the golf course or the office and styled with urban sophistication is this short layered haircut for men. Styled towards the front as made extremely popular by celebrities like Justin Bieber, this shorter version fits mature and fashion-conscious men. A hazel-walnut hair olor underlines the soft flow.

James Dean Look Haircut

Slick men's hairstyle for a James Dean Look
Slick, wavy and as cool as ever! Rebellious heartbreakers have sported this hairdo for several decades, and it has not lost any of its appeal. Modernized and easy to take care off with the help of hair products, the eternal James Dean look is still a fashion favorite, especially when paired with a leather biker jacket and a boyish smile.
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