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Coiffure & Nature

  • easy short hairstyle
  • versatile short haircut
  • romantic hairdo
  • hairstyle with large curls
  • seductive long hairstyle
  • messy style for long hair
  • short windswept hair style
  • short hairstyle for a serene look
  • red curly hair
  • sophisticated look with curls
  • professional short haircut
  • short playful haircut
  • haircut for an active life
  • trendy short crop
  • sassy hairstyle
  • chestnut haircolor
  • thick curls
  • a-shape hairstyle
  • hair curled over large rollers
  • copper curls
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Moods, colors and motions of the forces of nature inspired this refreshing collection of trendy hairstyles. Like nature itself each haircut has a variety of facets from naughty to nice, straight to messy, playful to office proof.
The versatility also shows in the variety of hair colors, all inspired by the multitude of hues of the reflection of the rising and the setting sun. The four seasons, flower gardens and the tones of the earth itself left their mark. Styles range from basic and sporty to elaborate and utterly sophisticated.
All this power combined with the abilities of creative and professional hair stylists results in a selection of strong statements to hair-fashion.
Hairstyles: Coiffure & Nature - Paris