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Current hair trends
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Find out everything about the beautiful cuts, the hair colors and the stylings. Experience the creations of hairstylist world-champion Alexander Seidel.
The team around Alexander Seidel invited for a casting session in order to find models with ambition among the women of Dresden to present hair trends. More than 50 Dresden women followed the call and came to the Casting at the Altmarkt-Galerie. Out of the many applications 8 were picked for the shooting. It was held by the well-known Dresden photographer Jan Gutzeit.
This shooting was about demonstrating that hairstyles create personalities. For this reason, regular women without any modeling experience were picked, not just to show the changeability of each person, but also how wearable the current trends are and in which way natural beauty can be underlined with the help of the matching hairstyle.
The hair trends presented here are dedicated to this standard and also show the main influences on hair fashion.

Soft Neck Section

Short haircut with a soft neck section
Short red hair in a classical mushroom cut
This short haircut is based on the classical mushroom head, with the special feature of a soft section in the neck.
A strong red hue brings energy into the hair. Lighter and darker transitions in the red range give the hairstyle depth and also diverse reflexes that are changing depending on the angle of light.
Strands styled from back to front disrupt the geometry of the cut and bring out the lightness of the creation.

Striking Geometry

Precisely executed geometrical hairstyle
This short haircut is based on a classical and in addition very geometrical shape. The precisely executed hairstyle gives the face an expressive frame. The prominent play of shapes found in this creation results from a sophisticated cutting technique.
Deep, shiny brown nuances and the bangs that are flowing down to the right side result in a look with true character.

Curled Hair for Outgoing Women

Curled hairstyle for outgoing women with medium long hair
Curly medium long hairstyle
The hair is cut to even length throughout to achieve a natural curled volume on medium long hair. To intensify the natural appearance, it is colored in a deep brown, that adds to the volume even more with brilliant light reflexes. The result is a sculpted hairstyle that flatters outgoing women.

Shapely Contrast

Combination of straight and curly hair
This trend combines straight and curly hair. The result is a feminine, playful volume and a straightness that is also fit for grand appearances. The coloring in aubergine is just as characteristic.
The hair flowing onto the face is in addition adorned with strands in various lilac hues, that intensify the vibe of this creation.

Long Flowing Hair

Long straight hair with sophisticated coloring
Long, straight hair is layered so that the precise bangs dominate this cut. The style comes alive with its understated elegance, that is a result of sophisticated coloring. It all starts with a sunny yellow and transitions over a strong orange and a subtle reddish brown all the way to matte black.
Thanks to this variety, each of the differently styled strands presents new details and shows what kind of allure a seemingly simple creation can unfold to.

Classic Long Hair

Classic long hair with cascading curls
Classic long hair unfolds its beauty with this creation, partly because of its cascading curls. In addition, the also very classic and vivacious styling, emphasizing the top of the head, contributes its own part. The elemental appeal comes through the intense coloring.

Hairstyle with Multiple Tiers

Hairstyle with multiple tiers and bangs that touch the eyes
This hairstyle comes in three tiers from long hair in the back of the head and on the side, then a mid length around the temples and the full yet light and loose falling bangs that touch the eyes.
The warmth of the hair is a result of the brown base tone and develops quite the spectrum of shine with the highlighted strands.
Creative Director: Alexander Seidel
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