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Hair Trends for Women

Alexander Seidel

Find out everything about the cuts, the colors and the stylings of the season. Experience the creations of hairstylist world-champion Alexander Seidel.
  • mushromm head style
  • geometrical hairstyle
  • medium long hair with curls
  • hairstyle with fashion color
  • long straight hair style
  • hairstyle with long cascading curls
  • hairstyle with a fringe touching the eyes
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At the beginning of the year the team around Alexander Seidel invited for a casting session in order to find models with ambition among the women of Dresden to present the latest hair trends. More than 50 Dresden women followed the call and came to the Casting at the Altmarkt-Galerie on October 1st, 2007. Out of the many applications 8 were picked for the shooting on January 27th and 28th, 2008. It was held by the well known Dresden photographer Jan Gutzeit.
This shooting was about demonstrating, that hairstyles create personalities. For this reason regular women without any modeling experience were picked, not just to show the changeability of each person, but also how wearable the current trends are and in which way natural beauty can be underlined with the help of the matching hair style.
The hair trends presented here are dedicated to this standard and also show the main influences on hair fashion in 2007.
Creative Director: Alexander Seidel
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