Intercoiffure Austria 06

Classy hairstyles for modern women
This collection from Intercoiffure Austria offers up a selection of edgy, urban looks for the modern stylish woman. With textural cutting and styling, these hairstyles are classy and new.
Through the use of cut and varying color techniques - ranging from subtle color transitions to dramatic high-lift colors - the styles stand out and demand attention.

Nose-Length Bangs

Medium length hairstyle with nose-length bangs and box layering
Medium length razor cut hair
This medium length style was created by Bernhard Neurmayr and is a beautiful evolution of the bob style. The cut includes a nose-length bangs area, box layering and razor texturing.
The off-center parting is part of the volumizing styling process for fullness and lift at the roots. The remaining portions of the hair are styled straight and given a gentle, tousled look.
Get this look by blow-dry styling with a flat brush using styling gel and a dab of pomade to smooth and add a touch of definition to the hair.

Pixie Cut with an Elongated Nape

Pixie haircut with an elongated nape and sideburn tendrils
Side view of a choppy pixie cut
In the first of two styles by Horst Wallmeier of Intercoiffure Austria, we have this pixie cut with an elongated nape and sideburn tendrils. This razor-cut style is choppy and chic and looks exceptional in the pale platinum shade of blonde.
The styling is accomplished with a blow-dryer and flat brush with styling gel and pomade. You can use a flat iron to bend the sideburns into gentle arcs and to spike up the shorter lengths at the top of the head.

Blunt Cut Nape

Short hairstyle with a blunt cut nape
Hair with coloring for a frosted look
Horst Wallmeier's second style in this collection is a variation on the Purdy style, with a less-defined weight-line and a blunt cut line at the nape. The hair is layered for a smooth, contoured look.
The color is a multi-dimensional mélange of highlighting and lowlighting with some stronger contrasts than might otherwise be expected. The result is an almost "frosted" look.
The styling is a blend of blow-drying with a round brush using a light styling product (such as mousse) and gentle disheveling with the fingers using a touch of pomade for definition.

Tapered Sides and Back

Razor-enhanced short hairstyle with tapered sides and back
Tapered bob haircut
Intercoiffure's Rafaela Welner brings us this modified wedge with smooth styling in a rich, chocolate brown. The razor-enhanced cut features a blunt fringe with a contoured cutting line that caresses the brows with a center dip. The sides and back taper gently from a bulk-point and are gently softened at the edges of the cut.
The hair is styled for smoothness using a blow-dryer and round brush with a light styling product and smoothing serum. The selling point of this style is the combination of the clean angles, curves and lines blended with the soft, smooth contouring of the layering.
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