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Modern hair styling
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Headlines UK in Leeds brings us stylist Peter Burkhill's latest hairstyles collection featuring cutting edge styling and striking looks.
Taking inspiration from a range of style eras, we see a plethora of influences: from sixties' beehives to eighties' crimped and new wave looks. All of these are brought to date with modern hair styling techniques for a healthier result.

Beehive Hairdo

Sixties beehive hairdo with the hair wrapped into a vertical swirl
The sixties made a mark on history that has lasted throughout the intervening decades. This standard of sixties' symbolism is, of course, the beehive hairdo. Crafted from a head full of long hair, the beehive is a style that is often considered more sculpture than "coif".
Stable beehives require a measure of body and wave in the medium. The hair is backcombed and fluffed into a voluminous mass that is then wrapped into a vertical swirl on top of the head and smoothed on the exterior for a cultivated and cultured look.

Curly Wartime Era Updo

Updo with rolled up curls for a forties or wartime era look
This forties inspired look is reminiscent of the curly, twisted-up styles of the wartime era. Medium-length locks are styled into a mass of medium-sized curls and wound upward to the parietal ridge in a soft twist.
The effect is a highly textured up-style that calls to mind a sharply curled, short bob. The rolled-up curls are secured using pins and a generous misting of hairspray and gentle patting keeps the curls defined and lasting.

Chest Length and Crimped

Chest length hair with textured crimped styling
In the flashy, roller-disco seventies (and into the early eighties) fashion trends brought us the crisply textured crimped styling, creating edgy looks in long and short locks. Here in this look we find chest length hair that is fully textured with crimping to create fullness and loads of visual interest.
The styling takes time, of course, but the look will last. Begin from a blown-out using firm-hold styling product and a light mist of hairspray. This creates a foundation that will hold the sharp zigzag of the crimping iron.

Puffed Out Curly Hairstyle

Puffed out and curly seventies hairstyle
The wedge cut of the seventies brings us a base for this puffed-out hairstyle. The clean cutting lines of the perimeter of the style form the outline of a high-volume silhouette. Starting with hair containing lots of body or moderate curl, this look can be crafted through backcombing and ruffing to puff it out.
Straighter hair can be given the needed curl and then puffed out as previously explained. Texture-cutting should be kept to a minimum if the hair is to be cut to create the look, as you want to avoid an outright "frizzed" look.

Long, Red and Curly

Long and red curly hair created with spiral wrapping tools
Start with a long, lightly layered cut. Whether the hair is or is not curly is less than critical since even curly hair will need to be given uniformity and structure in the curling pattern. Wrap the hair on medium-sized spiral wrapping tools, using a smoothing product and set the curl by allowing it to air dry or using a hooded dryer. Carefully remove the tools once the hair is set and finish the arranging and styling using the fingers as the primary tool.
The hair is parted on the side of the head and brought loosely across the top and fringe areas with care to prevent breaking the curl. The remaining curls are lifted gently with the fingers and tugged outward into a flared, bell shape. Small amounts of smoothing serum and pomade can be applied to keep the curls sharp and add shine.

Dark Up Do with Peaks

up style
We start with a razor-cut, neck-length style built on wavy hair that is then sculpted upward into an asymmetrical confection. Sweeping the sides back and twisting them up we form a foundation upon which the textured curls are fleshed out and whipped into leaning peaks.
The combination of diffused and sharp curls creates a clever variation of reflectivity in the dark hair. This adds depth to the hair color and gives the overall effect of black flames. To get this effect and have it last, you will need to employ many styling products at all stages of the styling: texturing creams in the blow-out, styling gel for the curling step, light mousse when you begin backcombing and fluffing and hairspray for scrunching and giving the final hold.

Short Blonde Hairstyle

Short hairstyle for blonde hair
This short hairstyle starts with what is essentially a traditional man's collegiate cut. The gamine-short, layered look is blown forward and upswept for height at the forehead area. A dab of pomade is likely the product of choice to give definition to the locks and create the sharp points of the style.

Short Hair and Razor-Cut Ponytail

razor-cut ponytail
Taking the previous style in its entirety, this look adds one simple feature: a razor-cut ponytail. Now, it is as equally likely that the second style was the first creation and that the ponytail seen here was simply removed to create the fully cropped look as it is that the ponytail you see here was grafted onto the hair as extensions.
If it is, indeed, extensions, it is likely that the extensions are applied using the fusion method for a secure bond to the shorter lengths. The hair is too short for the track and sew method, and the area seems potentially too small for tape-on or glue-bonding methods.
Hair By: Peter Burkill @ Headlines UK, Leeds
Make-up: Aleesa Hall
Clothes: Rachel Fanconi
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
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