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Peter Burkill

Headlines UK

Headlines UK in Leeds brings us stylist Peter Burkhill's latest hairstyles collection featuring cutting edge styling and striking looks.
  • sixties beehive updo
  • twisted-up hair style for a wartime era look
  • long crimped hair
  • puffed out haircut
  • lengthy red curly hair
  • up style
  • gamine short blonde hair
  • razor-cut ponytail
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Taking inspiration from a range of style eras, we see a plethora of influences: from Sixties' beehives to Eighties' crimped and New Wave looks. All of these are brought to date with modern hair styling techniques for a healthier result.
Hair By: Peter Burkill @ Headlines UK, Leeds
Make-up: Aleesa Hall
Clothes: Rachel Fanconi
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole