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Androgynous Feel

Neil Barton

  • strict bob
  • short bowl cut
  • high fashion hairstyle
  • two in one hairstyle
  • side ponytail
  • 50s hair updo
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Neil Barton interprets androgynous style with bold lines, hard edges and bold colors. Toughness expressed through tight styling, strict structures and strong contrasts that can be expressed either in colors or in different lengths and textures in one style.
These six looks emphasize the strength in women by increasing masculine energy in feminine hairstyles. A juxtaposition that is as fascinating as it is executed to mesmerize. Blonde, black and reds are on the palette and classic looks were the inspiration for the sharp cuts and up styles.
Hair: Neil Barton
Styling: Claudia Behnke
Make-Up: Natasha Lakic
Photography: Jim Crone