Ashley Gamble for F.A.M.E Team 07

Ashley Gamble takes vibrant to new levels with this pair of very short haircuts. As part of the F.A.M.E. Team 07 the operative word here is obviously bold: bold color, bold texture, and bold silhouette.
The hairstyles are built on the same cut and form decisive visual aspects in the way the hair is directed and the overall shape created by the different styling arrangements.

Short Razor Cut

Very short asymmetrical razor cut with layers
The hair is cut in a very short, extremely asymmetrical razor cut. In fact, the level at which the asymmetry takes shape very nearly makes the haircut appear random. The layers are choppy and deeply textured to soften the ends and give the finished hairstyle a feathery and airy look.
The overall theme of the styling in this incarnation appears to be forward direction of the layers with randomization and a downward sweep along the side. The look is best achieved using a blow-dryer and brush initially, but finishing the style with the fingers.
The product used is most likely a styling putty or paste, to add structure and texture to the look, while keeping it malleable. An extra dab of product on the fingers after blow-drying allows for the creation of the defined strands and the added texture in the fringe and perimeter tendrils.

Long Side-Lock

Very short hairstyle for red hair with a long side-lock
Starting from the same base cut, this reworking takes a turn by introducing some elements of traditional styling. The hair is given a hidden part on the right side of the top section and it is styled to have added volume and lift in the top.
The portion of the hair that would make what seems to be a half fringe is directed in an upward sweep and the long side-lock is partially tucked behind the right ear. The varied angles and lines of direction for styling create a depth of color in what initially appears a more matte fiery red.
Again, this very short hairstyle is achievable with a blow-dry style and structuring product, and the firmer finish can be achieved through the application of hairspray to give the ends of the hair a sharper point.
Hair: Ashley Gamble for F.A.M.E Team 2007
Make-up: Justine Collins
Photography: Richard Miles
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