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Saco Creative Team

  • short round haircut
  • wash and go hairstyle
  • slick short hair
  • blended hair colors
  • clippered hair
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Saco brings back minimalism. Haircut and color are inspired by European designers from the last decade of the past century and celebrate simplicity as well as an approach to redefine fashion by letting go of everything that is not essential to the form.
Hairstyling finds its artistic side with looks like these who question the established and challenge even fashion itself. These hairstyles exude intellect as well as creativity. Down to earth, basic, but still surprising and adventurous in its own flavor. The hair colors are pure with a black like liquid oil and one blonde look. Extremely refined plays with accent colors soften the bold and serious looks.
Hairstyles: Saco Creative Team led by Richard Ashforth
Make-Up: Maxine Leonard
Clothing: Hasan Hejazi
Photography: David Oldham & Richard Ashforth
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