XS by Saco Creative Team

Fashion haircuts with simplicity
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Saco brings back minimalism. Haircuts and hair colors are inspired by European designers from the last decade of the past century and celebrate simplicity as well as an approach to redefine fashion by letting go of everything that is not essential to the form.
Hairstyling finds its artistic side with looks like these that question the established and challenge even fashion itself. These hairstyles exude intellect as well as creativity. Down to earth, basic, but still surprising and adventurous in its own flavor. The hair colors are pure with a black like liquid oil and one blonde look. Extremely refined plays with accent colors soften the bold and serious looks.

The Little Black Cut

Short round bowl style haircut with a curved fringe
Not that basic when you look at it twice! The effects of this round short bowl style haircut are not in your face right away, but want to be discovered slowly.
Beautiful movement brings fluid structure into the hair and can be seen on the crown with the lifted part of the bangs and then along the side where the shiny hair is styled to tug behind the ear and then move around the head with gentle volume. Very fine strands colored in a bright red can be found throughout the wide, short and curved fringe. Perfect balance and flow in a modern classic look.

Ruffled Blonde Hair

Wash and go hairstyle for short blonde hair
This short haircut has been stripped down to its mere essentials. Layers, texture in the tips and a natural blonde color. Even the styling is uncomplicated. A great wash and go hairstyle that looks good on women of every age.
Just ruffle with the fingers, add a bit of mousse and finger comb to the front. The hair is cut at about the same inch short length all around and falls into place all by itself. The mild hair color adds softness and is the best pick with her blue eyes and charming freckles.

Slick Short Hair

Slick short hair with a uniform color
Like a tailored jacket, this short haircut exudes serene power and a soothing simplicity that allows our senses to take a rest in this hectic world. Uniform in color and just one little sprig escaping the uniformity of the texture, it denies the superfluous but embraces quality and exclusivity.
To get hair this slick a good smoothing lotion has to be applied, which keeps flying hairs safe in one place. It is then combed from the deep side part around the head and tugged behind the ear. Long bangs are essential for this to work.

Short hair with Blended Colors

Short curly hair with blended colors
Smoky curls and finely blended colors don't even try to be sweet. Instead, they make a point of being different and having an independent path. This short hairstyle is not for trophy wives.
From a short back the eye moves to gradually increasing lengths which also become more and more curly towards the deep and long fringe. Tones of teal and a spice red, ever so subtle pop up in medium to fine strands.

Blue Undercut Hair

Clippered undercut hair colored blue
The irony is hard to overlook. One of the fashion trends has been to wear a baseball cap backwards, and this is the same look made out of hair.
A very clean line runs from behind the ears around the forehead and back again. Any hair below that line is clipper cut to a short undercut and colored electric blue, just as the rim of the extended and equally straight back and an accent on the left side of the bangs. Fun and unique not only for the games.
Hairstyles: Saco Creative Team led by Richard Ashforth
Make-Up: Maxine Leonard
Clothing: Hasan Hejazi
Photography: David Oldham & Richard Ashforth
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