Spring-Summer 09 by Top Model Coiffure

Hairstyles for women
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The creative team of Top Model Coiffure brings us a collection of hairstyles with enough heat to melt away the last vestiges of winter chill. With exaggerated layering and texture, the hairstyles take classic elements and create modern energy.
These are looks for those women who could never be wallflowers. Bold silhouettes and shapes draw the eye and subtle style elements and color variations keep the attention. The looks are wild, fun, and a little funky, but feminine and flirty, too.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cut with a long forelock and razor-cut layers
This look takes the classic Tinkerbell pixie cut and gives it an exaggerated forelock with razor-cut layers that are clearly defined. The perimeter of the short cut is softened by the razor-texturing and the whole is styled for lots of lift and fullness in the top and crown. The forelock sweeps down the face like a waterfall and gives a wonderful asymmetry to the whole of the look.
Blow dry the hair with a firm hold product and smoothing serum using a diffuser attachment. Use the fingers (or a large-barrel round brush) and lift the hair from the scalp to maximize the volume and give a soft curvature to the lengths. A dab of product on the fingers, raked through the hair will give the definition you desire to create the finished look.

Razor-Cut Bob

Razor-cut bob with tapered ends and highlights
This short, layered look is a classy, razor-cut bob with tapered ends. The keywords for this style are smooth and soft. The fine, silky hair is given added depth and energy by the liberal sprinkling of golden highlights throughout the fringe and sides.
The fine-grained threading of golden color helps to emphasize the gentle lines of the cut and the sleek curves of the hair. Styling is a breeze, with a blow-dry look using a flat brush and light hold products for a soft finish. Smoothing serum will keep the frizz away and make the hair shiny and sleek, with no need for flat ironing afterward.

Finger-Waved Fringe

Short twenties hairstyle with curls and a finger-waved fringe
In the roaring twenties, young women began to demand the right to party all night and the flappers were all the rage with their daddies' arms to cling to and swing from. This short style brings all that jazz to mind with its beautifully layered curls and finger-waved bangs.
This is a style that works wonderfully with wavy hair types as the natural curl can make for quick styling in a rush. With natural curls, simply blow-dry the hair with a diffuser until mostly dry and fluff the curls with the fingers to keep them smooth.
The bangs and top section are then brought forward and directed in a swirl using the fingers, and comb and setting product. Allow the hair to finish drying naturally and gently break any stiffness with fingers or comb.

Back-Combed Hair

Up-style with back-combed hair
Modern updo with the sides smoothed back
No seasonal collection is complete without an up-style and this one has it all - volume, texture and shine. The long hair is back-combed to create interior fullness and structure, and the sides are smoothed back and upward into a twist at the crown.
The top section is arranged in a mixture of carefully carved curls topped with a fluff of crimped waves. The look is bold, yet feminine - classy, yet modern - sure to turn heads.

Modern Pixie Cut

Modern pixie cut with choppy layering
Trendy pixie cut for layered blonde hair
Here's another short, pixie cut style that gets a modernized treatment. Cut with choppy layering to give an edgier look and feel, this style takes the classic pixie forelock and pumps up the volume. The top section seems to be widened to include the parietal ridge on each side of the head and the layering provides for extra volume in such a layered look.
The style is ideal for coarser hair textures, which respond well to the full-volume styling and the layering techniques. To get the look, blow-dry the hair using a strong hold product like sculpting paste and lift the hair at the scalp as you direct it forward with the fingers. Added dabs of product raked through the hair after will give the extra definition to the look.

Flamenco Inspired Updo

Spanish Flamenco inspired updo with a chignon
Smooth, simple and elegant best describes this classy, Spain-inspired chignon style. The hair is blown out smooth to a mostly dry state and then meticulously smoothed back across the scalp into a tight gather at the nape of the neck. The hair below the gathering point is kept smooth and crafted using a sculpting product in order to create the smooth, flat loop of hair shown here.
The free end of the hair is caught back up into the gathering point and the whole is secured with a fastener of your choice. This is disguised by a lock of hair left free and wrapped around the fastener. Finish off the style with a decorative hair accessory and you are set for any elegant affair.

Long Hair with Clean Curls

Longer than shoulder length hairstyle with clean curls
Here's another simple style: a longer-than-shoulder layered cut arranged into smooth waves and clean curls. The ends of the hair are lightly textured for softness without losing the defined ends. One of the easier ways to get this cleanly defined curly hairstyle is through the use of a wet roller set.
Wrapping the hair on large-to-medium rollers with far off-base placement will allow you to create more curl in the ends of the hair without adding to the volume at the scalp area. Of course, you can also get similar results with a blow-dry styling and a large-barrel curling iron. Just be sure to use a good protective product and gentle styling tools when you do any heat styling.
Hairstyles: Top Model Coiffure
Photography: Sandra Fourqui
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