Spring-Summer 09 by Jack Holt

Updated hairstyles
Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur presents a set of classically inspired yet updated hairstyles that offer a wide array of looks. These styles blend modern styling techniques with classic and cultural inspirations to create looks that flatter and dazzle.

Two-Tiered Hairstyle

Two-tiered hairstyle
Here we have a deeply layered hairstyle featuring a two-tiered look. The upper tier falls to mid-cheek, creating a fuller frame for the face and eyes. The nape of the neck is adorned by a close-lying cowl of silken strands, giving the impression of increased length and grace to the neck and shoulders.
The hairstyle is a mass of loose, uninhibited curls with textural definition, creating a "controlled-chaos" effect. This style is great for wavy hair types and can be achieved using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and fingers to scrunch the hair and maintain the curve. A dab of smoothing serum can be used to help keep the strands looking silky and smooth.

Simple Long Hairstyle

Long blunt cut and curving hair
Simple style for long hair
Here's another super simple hairstyle. The long, luxurious hair is cut bluntly with light texturing of the ends to soften any hard edges. The focus is on the sheen and silky smoothness of the hair in this gently curving style.
Achieve this look with your own long locks by gently blow-drying the hair on low-heat settings using a flat brush and a smoothing balm to keep the hair protected and add the lustrous sheen you desire.
For extra smoothness and to redirect the curve as desired, briefly pass the hair through a flat iron. However, care should be taken to minimize hair damage.

Chic Upstyle

Chic upstyle with the hair smoothed and drawn to the crown
This crisp, clean, and ultra-chic upstyle is all you need to command attention. The hair is smoothed and carefully drawn to the crown in a clean sweep, then secured with a fastener of your choice.
Next, the long hair is carefully rolled around a foam molding (specially prepared tools are available to create these looks) and secured into position using pins and accessories. Some individuals may require the use of extension hair to achieve this look, while others may use hairpieces and other accessories.
The finished look, however it is achieved, is meant to be carefully structured and elegantly simple.

Long Hair with Ripples

Long hair waved into a cascade of ripples
Rag rolling technique for long hair
This hairstyle is another simple style, taking the long, slightly layered locks and waving them into a cascade of ripples. The weight and bulk at the top and sides of the style gradually diminish as the ends taper to points created by the defined strands.
This style of wave is often created using "rag rolling" techniques and by braiding the hair in large swaths to create deeper, broader switchbacks. Some women opt for a permanent wave style using these techniques to achieve this look more easily on a daily basis.

Long Wavy Bob

Wavy a-line cut bob with off center parting to camouflage new growth
The hairstyle we see here is a long asymmetrical A-line bob cut, created with moderately wavy hair. The added volume along the bottom edge of the style creates a flared effect that complements the downward angle of the cutting line as it moves to the forefront.
The slightly off-center parting is staggered to camouflage the scalp, which can be useful for individuals with new growth of color-treated hair or thinning hair.

Short Layered Hairstyle

Short layered boyish hairstyle with easy styling
Feminine pixie cut with layers
The last several months have shown a surge in shorter and shorter hairstyles among the world's most popular celebrities, and here we see a classic crop style in a lovely, short-layered look.
With a weight line that falls around the level of the eyebrows, the lower portion tapers gently to cling close to the skin, while the upper layers are silky and defined for a slightly tousled look.
The look is easily classified as a "gamine" (or boyish) hairstyle, but the pixie cut is totally feminine in this incarnation. Styling is easy, with a gentle blowout using a large round brush and smoothing serum.

Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal hairstyle with a chignon and a florid kno
This hairstyle is a carefully crafted chignon-type style that starts with a smoothly drawn base, gathering the long hair to the nape of the neck. Instead of turning it under or twisting it up, it forms a florid knot that is both visually appealing and secure.
Similar looks can be achieved for women with shorter hair by adding extension pieces for length and fullness. This is a beautiful bridal hairstyle and could also suit any formal occasion. It is versatile enough to be dressed up or down with the right accessories.

Ragged Shoulder-Length Hair

Ragged cut for long hair
Shoulder-length razor-cut and deeply layered hair
This layered hairstyle is a razor-cut wonder. The shoulder-length hair is deeply layered and textured for a ragged look without defined cutting lines. The free-form haircut features a long fringe that seamlessly blends with the rest of the lengths without any clear delineation.
Styling involves a straight blowout using a flat brush and firm-hold product, followed by flat iron pressing to create sharp edges and clean lines. The finished look is edgy and bold, not for the faint of heart.

Full-Volume Up-Style

Full-volume up-style
Never intended to conform to convention, Reggae culture has always marched to its own drum - steel drum at that. This hairstyle draws inspiration from that untamed spirit, featuring a full-volume up-style that creates clouds of hair and a bold, powerful silhouette.
This style is crafted with backcombed lengths that are interlocked and woven into a large, loose mound. The finished arrangement is adorned and supported by jeweled pins, adding sparkle and stability to this textured landscape.

Hairstyle with Braids

Hair styled into a cap of braids
This raven-hued hair is styled into a lovely cap of braids reminiscent of Grecian and Etruscan hairstyles, and perfect for those with coarser or wavier hair types. To achieve this look, the hair is loosely divided into wide tracks and braided close to the scalp.
The finished braids are not tightly woven but instead form a textural "crown" for the wearer, emerging from a central part and winding around the scalp in contouring lines.
Hairstyles: Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur
Photography: Sandra Fourqui
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