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Luxury Collection

Gandini Club

  • around the ears haircut
  • black and blonde hair contrast
  • purple hair
  • top of the ears haircut
  • lifted short hair
  • side ponytail
  • turban of hair
  • loops of multicolored hair
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Looking for some real over the top extravagance? Look no further and join the Club. The Gandini Club that is. The luxury collection features eight hairstyles that come from the realm of true experimentation, creativity with a combination of fine art and coiffure.
All the hair can be and that you never even dreamed of is revealed in a range of blonde tones with the most amazing color accents and shapes that have not yet been seen made out of hair. Most of the looks are even very wearable on a daily basis, whereas a few show off the real skill and imagination of the talented team. Expressive, modern, surreal and displaying a new definition of sophisticated.
Hairstyles: Gandini Team for Vitality's
Styling: GD Styling
Make-up: Elisa Rampi
Photography: Paulo Renflte
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