Alpha Female

Martin Crean at Mode

Powerful hairstyles for womes
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Throw subtlety out of the window. It is time to show your strong and passionate side. No sugar coating is needed for the Alpha Females. Confidence is beautiful. Martin Crean uses hair to express the strength of a woman, but also her gentle sides.
Large volume looks, geometrical angles and short silky tresses cover four basic types of hair length and style. Each one of them is powerful and impressive. The colors are soft and balance the intensity of the hairstyles with their warm tones of medium brown, coppery red, dark brown and a very light blonde.

Creative Curls

Haircut for short red hair with curls
The haircut is based on the concept of modern short looks with a dominant top and shorter sides and back. The hair was layered with the longest section in front. In come the curls, and everything really does a turbulent tango with crazy volume and rapturous movement that churns into all directions.
As if this was not striking enough, the hair color sweeps us off our feet. It is strong just as the style, but not flashy. The soft copper is red enough to be radiant and to beautifully enhance the paleness of her skin, but it looks natural and very sophisticated.

Bob with Curved in Sides

Bob with curved sides and short French bangs
This haircut has all the elements of a classic bob, but Martin Crean pushed them up a few notches. The points are a bit sharper, the volume is a bit rounder, the length a bit shorter. Amazing curves remind of modern architecture and all comes together to the utmost visual harmony.
Her bangs are equally precious with their short and very French length. The sides are curved in and the points come out at the level of her nose, and frame her eyes instead of the entire face. What a finesse!

Playful Short Haircut

Playful short blonde hair with layers and long bangs
This cut is strong but also whimsical. It is playful, fun and edgy. However, it also carries with it a strong sense of elegance. It is all about the mix. Short layers on the side are contrasted by the long bangs. In the back the hair also gradually lengthens toward the top.
The long fringe was touched by magic and flares out in a sexy and flirtatious movement. A very subtle silver tone was dispersed throughout the soft, pastel blonde and pops up here and there in thin strands.

Giant Hair

Long hair with volume and giant waves
We have not seen this much volume in long hair since the movie Barbarella. Gravity is overrated, as it seems, with the hair doing things that are seriously out of this world. Giant waves rise upward like smoke, but then there are the denser parts with a silken texture and breathtaking movement.
This is a force of nature, born with the help of a great designer and modern products. Ends turn to curls and all is just a storm of feminine power and sensual intensity. Her warm brown hair color is lifted up to wild vivaciousness with streaks of honey blonde.
Hairstyles: Martin Crean at Mode
Make Up Artist: Sophie Everett
Clothes Stylist: Leighton Law
Photographer: Richard Miles
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