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Alpha Female

Martin Crean at Mode

  • short curly haircut
  • bob with curved sides
  • playful short hair
  • long hair with volume
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Throw subtlety out of the window. It is time to show your strong and passionate side. No sugar coating is needed for the Alpha Females. Confidence is beautiful. Martin Crean uses hair to express the strength of a woman, but also her gentle sides.
Large volume looks, geometrical angles and short silky tresses cover four basic types of length and style. Each one of them is powerful and impressive. The colors are soft and balance the intensity of the hairstyles with their warm tones of medium brown, coppery red, dark brown and a very light blonde.
Hairstyles: Martin Crean at Mode
Make Up Artist: Sophie Everett
Clothes Stylist: Leighton Law
Photographer: Richard Miles