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My Balance


  • blonde
  • brunette
  • short haircut
  • intense red hair
  • mid-neck length haircut
  • hair color streaks
  • clipper cut hair
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Balance is essential to beauty, esthetics and life in general. We would not make it far without it and we would not look that good. D. Machts School took balance to a more personal level and designed hairstyles for women, that are tailored to their types, reflect their personalities and include astonishing features of modern hairstyling.
Sleek and sculptural shapes appear like pieces of art, some reminding of modern masters like Henry Moore. Soft surfaces and fluid shapes, often with eye catchers of different lengths built in and colors that are pure and intense, have an intriguing effect and cast an inescapable spell with their powerful subtlety.
Hairstyles: D. MACHTS SCHOOL