Spring Hairstyles by EvelineCharles™

Short hairstyles with strong hair colors
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Fashion is sometimes more of an evolution than a revolution. This hairstyle collection was inspired by the 1920s, 1970s, and 1980s. The EvelineCharles collection adds modern elements to these iconic fashion eras. With a look for every woman, the season inspires confidence.
Short hair is featured everywhere: in editorials, on top models, and all over the runways. The haircuts showcase short tresses in geometric bobs, disconnected crops, strong fringes, and soft layers, conveying boldness and femininity. Cuts are sleek, polished, and glossy, or soft with feminine movement. Longer hair exudes sexiness and playfulness through soft layers around the face in a shagged-out, layered look inspired by the late 70s. Add a strong bridge bang or fringe to complete the look. Fringes are everywhere!
Confident, strong hair colors match the daring haircuts. Inspired by the full spectrum of color, this collection features icy blondes highlighted with warm tones, platinum blondes, dark chocolates, Bordeaux reds, and rich copper tones. Colors are brilliant, vibrant hues, creating a play of shadow, light, and color. The hues are achieved through bold graduation of color. Effective layering of coloring allows the hair to move, revealing dramatic coloring when parted on one side and a subtle look when moved to the other.
Makeup showcases flawless skin, bronzed cheeks, bright lips, coppered eyes, and a rainbow of bright eye shadows. With so many beauty trends, there are plenty of reasons to change your look every day.

Flirty, Ambitious, Confident

Soft blonde bob that softens the face
Cut & Color: Inspired by runway bobs, this soft architectural bob is strong yet softens the face. Using EC Lustre Color, the light blonde base is diffused with strong platinum highlights to add depth and movement to the color.
How to get the look: On towel-dry hair, spray in SHADE SPRAY to achieve separation, detailing, shine, and to reduce static. Finger-dry the hair with the ZIRCONIA Dryer, allowing the hair to move towards the face. Use the CERAMIX 53 Brush to lift the hair up and towards the face. Complete the look by using an H2ONIC Flat Iron to provide a soft, smooth finish while showcasing the strong lines of the cut. Lightly mist the hair with TO THE EDGE to hold the look in place.

Strong, Feminine, Classic

Short 1920s bi-level bob haircut
Cut & Color: This short haircut is a 1920s revival of the geometric bi-level bob, with strong lines sitting slightly higher on the face. The strong perimeter is balanced by softness on the inside. Together, the cut and color are designed for hair movement. As the hair moves, the overall look changes from strong to an understated softness. A base color is applied with a strong layering technique to accentuate the fringe.
How to get the look: On towel-dry hair, mist SHADE SPRAY for separation, detailing, shine, and static reduction. Next, dry the hair with the ZIRCONIA Dryer, allowing the hair to move towards the face. The H2ONIC Flat Iron gives the hair a soft, smooth finish. Use TO THE EDGE to hold the style in place.
Expert tip: SHADE SPRAY features mango extract, coconut oil, and SPF 15 to protect the hair from the sun and heat styling. Perfect for all hair types, this product is a must-have during the warmer months of spring and summer!

Authentic Beauty

Short shorn haircut with a long fringe
Inspiration: Model Anja Rubik set herself apart by ditching her long locks in favor of a boyish blonde crop. With her new hairdo, she became the darling of the runways for designers such as Chanel, ChloƩ, and Valentino.
Cut & Color: The haircut is short and shorn with a long fringe featuring an exaggerated diagonal side part. Make a statement with bold blondes; EC's model is a light golden blonde with diffused ultra-light highlights.
How to get the look: Apply a small amount of LIFT OFF Root Boost to towel-dry hair. LIFT OFF Root Boost will add texture and weightless volume to the locks. Finger-dry the hair with the ZIRCONIA Dryer. Finish the top of the hair with the CERAMIX 43 Round Brush, lifting the hair up and towards the face. Allow the hair to fall into an exaggerated diagonal side part. Use the H2ONIC Flat Iron on the edges to give a soft, smooth finish. Mist lightly with TAFFETA Hair Spray to impart a natural luster.

Embrace Your Curls

Hairstyle with stacked curls
Cut & Color: This hairstyle is designed to accentuate asymmetric texture on curly hair. The color blend consists of a rich mahogany brown base with dark copper mahogany blonde accents.
How to get the look: To achieve this stacked curl with asymmetry look, begin by pampering your curls in the shower. Comb out tangles with conditioner in the shower so you do not disturb the curl when styling.
Towel-dry the hair without separating the curls. Mix together equal dime-sized amounts of FAT FREE and NO TIME FLAT. Rope the product through the hair and scrunch to accentuate the weight and stacking effect. Diffuse the hair using the diffuser included with the ZIRCONIA Ionic Dryer. When the hair is almost dry, finish with a small amount of NO TIME FLAT to seal the ends, and spray some TO THE EDGE from underneath to maintain the volume.

The Latest Crop

Short cropped haircut for blonde hair
Cut & Color: Inspired by the model Agyness Deyn, this short, androgynous, cropped haircut showcases the very best of the season. The platinum blonde hair color is as playful and bold as the cut.
How to get the look: Towel-dry the hair and apply FAT FREE for texture. Finger-dry the hair with the ZIRCONIA Dryer. Mix together two drops of SHANTUNG SILK with half a pump of INTERLOCK SILK. Run the combination through the hair for separation and shine.
Must-have product: SHANTUNG SILK Serum creates high shine and softens the hair by eliminating frizz and flyaways. The perfect styling product for all short hairstyles. Everyone sporting cropped hair must stock up on this product.

Sultry, Mysterious, Edgy

Short curved hairstyle
Cut & Color: This short curved crop was all over the runways. This haircut is complemented with a bold, deep hair color such as DEMI NUANCE in a global dark brown.
How to get the look: Start by towel-drying the hair. Using the proper styling tools and products will allow you to achieve this look. Apply HOLD ON Gel from the roots to the ends. Dry the hair in a back-and-forth motion using the VENTEC TUNNEL Brush, allowing the hair to move freely towards the face. Finish by styling the top hair with the CERAMIX 43 Round Brush, lifting the hair up and towards the face. Finally, use the H2ONIC Flat Iron to give a soft, smooth finish. Lightly mist the finished look with ORGANZA for extra shine.

Independent, Playful, Bold

Short hair with purple color accents
Inspiration: The extreme opposite of super-soft feminine looks, masculine styles infiltrated the runways. Wear this hairstyle with confidence to exude a young and funky vibe.
Cut & Color: The edgy look is accomplished through a cut focused on triangular disconnection. With a haircut this serious, the color needs to match. This EC Lustre color is a violet-brown base with vibrant purple accents.
Styling tip: Towel-dry the hair. Work NO TIME FLAT throughout the hair for control. Style the sides down in the natural direction of growth. Then, it's time to get playful. The center hair can be flat and smooth or lifted to emphasize the texture. Work BRILLIANTINE throughout the hair for texture and shine. Once the desired look is achieved, mist with TO THE EDGE.
Hairstyles: EvelineCharles™ Salons Spas Artistic Team
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