Hair Fashion Spring Summer 10

Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

New and timeless hairstyles for women
More than a trend of fashion. The hairstyles are not just chic, but of timeless modernity.
True values are back in demand. This also applies to fashion. The collection of hairstyles is the best example for this development. Classics and cult styles like the bob or the mushroom cut, the long curly mane or even the retro charm of 1940s movie divas are strongholds against the short lividness of our times. The design makes them highly fashionable and hard to miss. Thanks to innovative cutting, coloring and styling techniques they are as current on the trend as possible.
The collection by the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks incorporates the modern lifestyle in all its variety and timeless chic. From smart and very urban visuals to extravagant and rebellious stylings - men and women alike can find exquisite looks matching their summer outfit. The fashion makers of the association have pulled all the stops once again.

Mushroom Cut Revival

Blonde mushroom cut with the hair cut right above the eyes
It is back. Arriving back on the scene with a big greeting from the 60s and a modernized styling, the famous mushroom haircut is once again gracing the heads of fashion fans. The Beatles and their contemporaries left us with music that never dies as well as the style that still makes us swing. The modern versions are softer and have more movement with new textures, and the effect of the color can never be underestimated.
This adorable blonde mushroom is cut following the line of her face, right above the eyes, slightly curved over her cheekbones and covering one quarter of her ear. Check out the next image for a side view to learn more about this fabulous look for short hair.

Sleek Mushroom Cut - Side View

Side view of a mushroom cut
The dominant fringe is the part that gives this short haircut its unmistakable character and the typical shape of the classic mushroom cut comes almost by itself with a skilled undercut. This makes the hair curve in along the cutting line.
The back is graduated for a narrow and snug fit before the hair there also turned fuller and rounded. A few strands are styled from the back forward and add a beautiful and ever so subtle texture on top of the sleek base.

Lifted Hair

Short haircut styled with lifted top hair
As stunning as the mushroom cut looks in its sleek and straight styling, one of its greatest characteristics is the versatility when it comes to styling. No one wants to look the same every day, and you may be surprised about the options.
Replace the classic beatnik chic with a funky, sassy spiked look just by giving some mousse into the short hair and lifting the top up and the sides softly to the back. Volume is key for this styling and with a little wax individual strands can be accentuated and shaped to wherever your imagination wants to go.

High and Low

Short hair with a long and sharp partition
This styling option makes the partition the star of the short hairstyle. It is long and sharp. It has a corner and separates two distinct parts of the hair. The lower portion is combed close to the head with extreme satiny sleekness, and the top is ready for take-off with its high and angled lift.
The tips are gently curved to perfect this stunning mix of punk, avant-garde and classic elegance. The fine transition of the hair comes into play and accentuated the movement and shape with slightly darker and lighter sections. The shine is more than brilliant.

Short Wispy Bob

Brown bob with a side part and wispy styling
What would the world be without the bob? A lot more bland when it comes to fashion, that is for sure. This specific bob shows its more flirtatious side with light, long and wispy styling. A very long side part lets the bangs be this wide and with a gentle curve they have the ideal flow across her face. Just a hint of retro brings a lot of flair.
But that is not all. A very well designed pattern of dark coffee and lighter caramel tones make the swirls even swirlier and with this state of the art highlighting the movement and depth of style are unsurpassed. Flirty, light and high on the trend meter!

Bob with Curved Tips

Brown chin length bob with curved tips
The pink dress is adorable, but it looks even prettier with the right haircut that does not hide its cute collar and the large bow that sits on her shoulder. The chin length bob has the perfect length to showcase her outfit while framing her face with a modernized, classic look that has stood the test of time and is one of the most flattering hairstyles around.
Straight for most of its length it displays alluring shine and a beautiful pattern created with warm highlights on a dark brown base. The tips are gently curved, giving this look such a contagiously happy and free movement.

Shoulder Length Curly Hair

Hair extensions for medium length hair with curls
It always happens that we want to change the length of our hair and don't want to wait for months and months for the hair to grow naturally. This quick metamorphosis from the chin length bob to the shoulder length curly hairstyle was not induced by magic at all, but comes with the help of modern hair extensions, which are attached to the natural hair.
No one can tell the difference! The elegance of the short bob is still there but now with a more sultry and opulent appeal.

Elegant Styling for a Bob

Easy to style chin length bob
Once again at chin length, the flirtatious bob underwent another makeover and now boasts more volume, especially on top. The extra lift in the roots is easy to do, but has a huge effect on the character of the hairstyle. The effect now is very elegant and ladylike with a pampered and flawless feel.
The shape is rounded with a few thick strands that spring up in the ends to bouncy curves. The partition is reduced to a point on the crown from which the hair circles out and about in this festive and luxurious fashion.

Bob with Layers and Curls

Medium long bob cut with layers and curls
The right cut makes the shape. With plenty of layers in the lower part, this medium long bob gets its enticing trapezoid shape. The widest section of it is at ear level and all of that bounce and thrilling volume comes all by itself with the curls that are the most intense in the tips.
A center part opens up to the long bangs that are flung out to the sides like silky wings, all enhanced by a subtle transition of hair colors with toffee highlights on a medium brown base color.

Big Hair Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical styling with waves for a bob
We didn't see this kind of volume since the "big hair" trend in the 1980s. Asymmetry was a huge trend then and it is back today. Bring both together, and you get this opulent look with a trendy edge. The layered bob has been styled to one side, concentrating all of its seductive mass in once place.
The pattern shows well-defined large rolling waves and smaller, disheveled ripples. Teasing and a good hairspray contribute to the triangular shape that seems to reach right into hair fashion heaven.

Soft Volume

Short hair with styling for soft volume
Angelic and soft with a stand and volume that seem to defy the laws of nature - here is another short hairstyle that sets itself apart with exquisite shape, unique texture, high fashion appeal and at the same time wearability. The hair is cut in layers that give it a triangular shape when styled upward like this.
The shorter hair in the back and the longer top section are curled and waved to sheer delight and high rising volume. All of this playfulness is extremely attractive and feminine and, with a hint of retro, very trendy.

Art Deco

Women's hair styled for a 1930s or 1940s look
Geometry meets soft waves, and they play together quite well. Asymmetry with texture this gentle is shaped to a rounded triangle and bedazzles all who behold its unusual beauty. The 1930s and 40s were the era of the unforgettable Art Deco style that followed the more floral Art Nouveau.
This hairstyle would fit right into the artistic theme of those days and still pleases today in an exotic, artistic way. The remarkable wave pattern is shaped with a curling iron, some gentle teasing in the roots provides lift and hold while even more teasing inside the hair and along the tips give it the volume and alluring "messy" texture.

Very Long Hair with Curls

Very long brown hair with layers and curls
Very long, lavish and luxurious - this is the kind of hair that many women aim for. The magic of the mane continues to cast its powerful spell and with modern care and styling products it has become easier to achieve this smashing look.
Layers throughout vary in length and are created using a slicing technique. This adds more texture, a soft natural feel and a lot of movement to the hair. Her curls come naturally but are enhanced with a subtle play of hair colors alternating from cappuccino brown to honey accents.

Easy Updo

Easy updo that looks like a bob
At the first glance this hairstyle might not look like an updo and more like a very fluffy, wavy bob. But it is in fact the long mane from the previous image, tugged under in the back and invisible fastened with bobby-pins.
You can also do the same with a more decorative barrette and use it as an accessory. The combinations of control and open flow with so many wonderful curls and a few free flying strands is absolutely irresistible. Easy to do and just stunning!

Upstyle with Mixed Textures

Updo for a mix of straight and curly hair
It is the contrast of textures that makes this hairstyle so unforgettable. A straight and shiny band of hair was draped around the head from both sides of the center part to the back, were it is rolled in and invisibly pinned. The rest of all of the gorgeousness is piled up high in all of its curly glory and delightful unruliness.
Strict and liberated textures in one style raise the blood pressure of all admirers and when spiced up even more with individually accentuated strands that can be shaped as edgy as you would like it, the look takes a beautiful avant-garde turn.

Twirled and Twisted

Hair in an up style with a loose bun on the side
A look of passion and finesse makes a grand entrance at every gathering. This asymmetrical upstyle seems to exude the exciting sounds of the tango or flamenco all by itself. You can be sure that with the right hairstyle the attitude follows and the chain reaction is set into motion. So beware what you wish for, but if you dare, go for this expressive look.
A loose bun is pinned on the side. A softly braided band takes the place of a long side fringe and the color variations in her hair also contribute to the mesmerizing effect of this very special upstyle.

Easy To Style Men's Haircut

Easy to style haircut for men
Texture, texture, texture is the mantra for haircuts that turn ordinary men into irresistibly attractive guys who weaken the knees of women with their rebellious look and boyish charm. This awesome short cut for men is easy to style on a day to day basis.
The sides are still short and have a neat outline, the back is graduated and smooth. All of the action is on top where different lengths are used to create this fun and flexible texture. Spiked up with a few drops of gel, a modern punk look with more style than bite is born.

Smothered in Waves

Men's hairstyle with slicked-back sides
A bit more product and some smooth moves of the comb let him go from rebel to good boy in just minutes. At least on the outside. The dapper short style features well-defined waves that ripple their way from the back of the crown all the way down into his forehead, where they fizzle out in fine blonde curls. Sides are slicked back to keep all of the focus on the cool pattern on top.

Clubbing in Style

Club style with spiked men's hair
Disco never dies. It just changes, but as long as there is music, people will be dancing and indulge in the beautiful vanities of outrageous fashion. For this cool club style his hair is not just spiked up, but also curled for a refined and done - undone look.
Snug around the perimeter the top part is where all of the fun sits. Soft in the tips but strong in expression with a few highlights to underline the fashion statement, he is ready to strut his stuff until the sun rises again.

Preppy Old School Look

Preppy men's cut with a short back and longer top hair
No storm or rain will keep him from looking swell. The fine waves with their not so subtle hint of vintage style will keep their shape thanks to the good styling products that were used to form them with a medium wide comb.
The resulting look is a bit preppy, a bit playful and also old school charming. Men are daring to be well coiffed again and the basic cut with its short sides, shorter back and long top hair, gives him great flexibility for a large variety of styling.

Modern Mushroom Cut

Mushroom cut hair for men
Trendy celebrities already have it, and the word is spreading. The mushroom haircut is back. Paul McCartney did wear it well when the Beatles came to fame, but the reborn version of the round bowl cut is much lighter and has more movement than the looks back then.
Ask Ashton Kutcher about the compliments he is getting since he cut his hair in this trend. A few layers keep things light and the texture adds motion and a tousled appeal. In this side view image the hair was styled forward to shape the thick bangs that draw us right into his baby blue eyes.

60s Hairstyle for Men

60s haircut for men
60s hairstyles are en vogue for women and now also for men with this softened and lighted reincarnation of the famous mushroom cut. A lot of texture in the tips takes away all of the stiffness of the old days and while still keeping its signature shape there is so much more movement in the hair now.
The top volume is key and easily achieved by directing the hair from the back to the front. This strong flow in one direction also eliminates the need for a partition.

Preppy Moments

Men's hair style for short hair with thick curls
Every men's haircut should have a preppy styling option. How else would you style your hair to go with the trendy outfits and patterns? The tousled effect seen in the pictures before transformed into thick curls that are at once controlled but also a bit wild.
All with a touch of understatement, as that is an important aspect of all preppy looks. The volume is styled high on his crown, and the fringe is pulled down in the forehead as a few rough strands that bring a wonderful disobedience into the mix.

All About the Fringe

Straight male hair with a long thick fringe
Curls are dashing, but the straight look has a lot going for it as well. For example it does show off the texture of the hair like no other styling. It also shows the details of the men's haircut with its angled sides, long layers and a balanced transition across the crown to a long fringe.
The anchor point is set on the side and in the back of the crown. From here all of the hair whirls out and comes together to an asymmetrical shape with a long fringe that acts like a mysterious veil in front of his eyes.

Fashionable Men's Hairstyle

Fashion hairstyle for short men's hair
Mushroom or bowl cuts are better than ever. Lots and lots of texture lighten the load and get rid of all of the dust of decades. The new classics are full of motion and sizzling styling. Creativity makes him the hero of the day, especially when it comes to his hair.
A simple shift of direction and overlapping of these layers in front is an easy and dashing way to instantly modernize any haircut. His hair color reflects the color of his eyes and has very subtle highlights that were applied in patches instead of thin strands.

Shift in One Direction

Modern styling for short men's hair
Not every day is a day to wear bangs. Help comes quickly out of a tube, sprayer or jar. Modern styling products give great hold and shape to his haircut without looking greasy or sticky. For this hairstyle a part was drawn way on the side so that the entire crown can be shifted to one side.
The smaller side is then slicked towards the back. Out of sight and out of the way to allow the rest of the slightly waved hair to do its wild dance full of volume and movement and with just a tiny bit of restraint still present.

View from the Top

Men's haircut seen from the top
His hair looks blown to perfection by a very fashion minded wind. Looking at it from the top unveils more of the magic and how the cool asymmetrical volume came about. Thick strands, all textured and separated run across the top of his head from the right to the left (or vice versa depending on your hair and your preferences).
The tips on the dominant side are turned upward and interrupt the smooth flow with their wispy rebellion. The smooth highlights deepen the dimension of the strands immensely.

Straight Hairstyle for Men

Men's hair style with straight lines and jagged points
Straight lines, jagged points, steep angles and layered sections are just a few style elements of this collage of techniques and textures. With all of their contradictions, they do blend in harmony and surprise us with a very interesting hairstyle for men who are not too shy to wear a style that makes them the center of attention.
The very base of this look is a round cut, A.K.A. mushroom cut that is filled with a ton of good texture for many amazing styling options.
Photographer: Michael Petersohn, Berlin
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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