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Hair Fashion Spring Summer 2010

Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

More than a trend of fashion. The new hairstyles are not just chic, but of timeless modernity.
True values are back in demand. This also applies to fashion. The new collections of hairstyles for spring and summer 2010 are the best example for this development. Classics and cult styles like the bob or the mushroom cut, the long curly mane or even the retro charm of 1940s movie divas are strongholds against the short lividness of our times.
The new design makes them highly fashionable and hard to miss. Thanks to innovative cutting, coloring and styling techniques they are as current on the trend as possible.
  • mushroom cut
  • layered bob
  • layered bob with curls
  • slice cutting for long hair
  • short cut for men
  • mushroom cut for men
  • hairstyle
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The new hairstyles dwell on the light and natural side but are also expressive and untamed. Attention is guaranteed the play with short and long, straight and curly. This is how interesting asymmetry and contrasts can develop. And: there is more movement in the hair. Curls, waves and a defined texture are the things to have. Special accents are added with customized color effects and hair extensions.
The new collection by the German Central Association of the Hairstyling Trade incorporates the modern lifestyle in all its variety and timeless chic. From smart and very urban visuals to extravagant and rebellious stylings - men and women alike can find exquisite looks matching their summer outfit. The fashion makers of the association have pulled all the stops once again.
The new looks embody perfect chic created by the hands of professionals and they demonstrate impressively what, in respect to fashion, makes the warm season so special.
Photographer: Michael Petersohn, Berlin
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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