Barbara Wuillot

Haircuts Autumn Winter 10

Short crops for female and male hair
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The cold season heats up with the androgynous glamour presented with the ultimate finesse of Barbara Wuillot's Haute Coiffure. Simplicity and versatility are the essence of the shape shifting short haircuts for men and women. Hair color takes a step back and goes minimal. Black and white, or let's say platinum blonde and ebony, do not distract from the artistry of the cut, the amazing texture and refined hair styling techniques.
For both genders it all starts with a short crop full of smooth layers and textured tips. The top hair is long enough to lay down smoothly but still short enough to not fight gravity when styled up or out to the sides. The ears are open while narrow, stylish sideburns add distinction to the hairstyle and the face. A long fringe is another common element that plays a big role in the basic look and its variations.

Cropped Short with a Graduated Neck

Short cropped blonde hair with a graduated neck
Cropped short with a graduated neck and sides; the hair lengthens from the high pivot point towards the front where it brings attention to the eyes with its textured long fringe that is cut ever so slightly in a diagonal angle, revealing one eyebrow and barely covering the other.
The purity of this haircut with its timeless chic is enhanced by the silver-platinum hair color giving of an iridescent radiance.

Hair Roots with Lifting

Short pixie hair with lifted roots
After giving the roots considerable lift, the short hair was styled to the top and then forward. This way a lot of volume was created right on the crown and also much interesting movement of wide strands that overlap tight in the center.
This hairstyling reveals another secret: previously hidden layers of a warmer color tone create a soft contrast to the wintery platinum.

Hair Springs Upward

Short hair that springs upward
As if caught by an icy wind, the top hair of this short haircut springs upward with a gentle asymmetrical slant to one side. This not only showcases the exquisite texturing and the length of the top hair but also the supershort, graduated sides and back. Motion is the key for the success of this look, and it is locked into each and every hair.

Lift Hair Up

Short blonde hair with hairpins
To lift the short hair up and for extra sparks two rows of rhinestone embellished hairpins adorn the hair on the crown. The shorter row has two, the longer one and it can be made out of 4 to 6 pins, depending on their length.
The goal is to create a side swept look without sacrificing the volume and to perk up the simplicity with some bling for a fun filled, festive night out.

Male Hair with Smooth Styling

Male haircut with smooth styling and diagonal bangs
His base cut is essentially the same as hers with the very obvious difference in hair color and a slighter one in the length of the bangs. Still slightly diagonal, his bangs are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter and reveal both eyebrows. A lot of shine is given with this smooth styling and the dark chocolate color.

Male Haircut with Short Sides

Male hairstyle with short sides and long top hair
The fine outline of the short haircut presents itself best when seen from the side. Here these features are highlighted by lifting up the top hair and styling it out of the face and into the wind. Short, velvety sides compete for looks with the spiky, long top hair.

Hair Lifted Sky High

Men's hair with the top lifted high
This young man is ready for take off, and the hair is already a step ahead. Lifted sky high with the right amount of flexible hold product the hairstyle takes on yet another personality.
This time it shows its punk roots, but in a very stylish and civilized way. Fine-tuned to the max, the sides still cling tight and let all the action happen on the crown.

Clean Contoured Male Haircut

Men's hair with clean contoured sides
A traditional sleek styling of the clean contoured sides stands in opposite to the swirling momentum that took a hold of the hair on top. All the action on his crown is a result of bold hair styling with a weightless product to keep the volume and the motion in place.
Hair: Barbara Wuillot - France
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