Arty by Michel Dervyn

Modern hairstyles for men and women
Michel Dervyn takes us on a tour through art history of the 20th century. Inspired by the modern masters Dervyn created looks that represent the spirit of surrealism, cubism, modernism and goes all the way to pop art.
Models look like they could have been the muses of Dali, Picasso, Braque, Tanguy, Warhol and other great minds. Each cut expresses its own nature with bold strokes, perfectly proportioned lines, shapes that come from nature but were translated into art by a skilled visionary of the new medium hair.
Vivid colors are just as important as the graphics and the geometry. The palette boasts natural pigment from the reds to blondes to deep charcoal. All colors are rich in shine and luminosity.

Quintessential Muse

Hair with curls that almost reach the waist
Wavy waist length hair
Blonde hair with almost waist length curls
Venus did not only inspire Botticelli but also many modern masters. And what would be more befitting for the goddess of love than long, opulent curls that almost reach her waist.
This mass of luxury does not require any other tricks and flows best with a humble center partition. With this highlighted golden blonde color a look emerges that is what dreams are made of.

Cubist in Short

Geometric short haircut with deep bangs
Short haircut with deep bangs
These overlapping geometric shapes with a clear line, a no frizz silhouette and deep bangs that section the face could have jumped out of one of the famous paintings of the cubist period.
Picasso would have tipped his beret to this refined work of hair art that shines in a deep, dark gold with transparent layers of burned umber.

Modernist Revolt

Short haircut with gradated sides and spikes
Out with the straight and up with the spikes! Battling structures of hair put the energy into this extravagant look. The smooth and subtle lines on one side compete with the rebellious other half, creating a picture full of motion and yet harmony.
Gradated sides and slightly textured tips break up the serenity of the left side, which uses soft Zen centeredness and gravity to its advantage.

Expressive Edging

Chopped bob with varying hair lengths
Razorcut bob with choppy edgese
Hair as shiny as spun metal is cut into a chopped bob featuring heavy texturing along the sides. Varying lengths and razorcut edges give this look its character.
The styling focused on straight lines but enough volume on the sides to generate an almost trapeze shaped silhouette. The bronze color with golden inlays adds to the statuesque appearance.

Surrealist Seduction

Stunning hairstyle for medium length hair
Textured medium length hairstyle
If Andre Breton or Salvador Dali had worked with the medium hair, something similar to this creation might have been the result. Fine textures breaking up the dimensions and creating a new one, seem to defy gravity and everything we know about the reality of hair.
Bangs begin straight, and then decide to zigzag, before they straighten up again. Nothing is at is seems, but all is a stunning hairstyle, not just for the art mavens among us.

Abstract Icon

Short hairstyle with a gradated neck
Short hairstyle with a powerful silhouette
It is all about the line. Clear and powerful the silhouette teases your eye while it covers up the eye of the model. Who says art has to be practical?
To avoid any happenstance flying strands this short style was doused with a smoothing and sculpting product that has to be light enough to allow the gradated neck section to lift up in one pointed motion.

Pop Hair Art

Short crop for silver hair
Short hairstyle for gray hair
Andy Warhol's signature stiff hair look gets a little nod from this silver and charcoal short chop. The cropped sides and back sections are crowned by a longer and lighter whirlwind of hair.
The bangs are short and pronounced, edgy and postmodern. A delightful bohemian element comes in with the tousled crown.

Art Deco

Textured 20s bob with short bangs
Bob haircut with very short bangs
Swinging lines in a geometric pattern come across light and wispy. The short bangs and length of this textured bob bring back the flavor of the roaring 20s, Montmartre and the first existentialist manifestos.
Decorative strands come in from the sides to hug the cheekbones and the black-brown color enhances the soft features of her face. To perfect the look, make-up brings attention to the eyes, but the lips are au naturelles.

Mesmerizing Bristles

Short and easy to style men's haircut
Hair this short will keep the artist cool even when things around him heat up. Easy to style and to maintain - all this style needs is a perfect base cut and a dab of pomade for the adorable lift on the top.
Sides and neck have a distinct and neat cutting line and are shorter in length. A great effect was done with the color effects from the darker sections on the sides and gentle, shiny highlights on the crown.

Bon Vivant

Short men's hair sleeked with pomade
Short stubbles of facial hair are a charming contrast to the sleek and meticulously styled hair. A partition so exact as if it had been drawn with a ruler separates the hair fashionably on the side. From there the man's hair was sleeked with a generous amount of pomade or wax right across the head and down the sides.
A very artistic touch is the fringe section that was styled to a flowing wave with a lighter color at its base.
Hairstyles: Michel Dervyn