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"Arty" Collection

Michel Dervyn

Michel Dervyn takes us on a tour through art history of the 20th century. Inspired by the modern masters Dervyn created looks that represent the spirit of surrealism, cubism, modernism and goes all the way to pop art.
Models look like they could have been the muses of Dali, Picasso, Braque, Tanguy, Warhol and other great minds.
  • almost waist length curls
  • geometric short haircut
  • look with spikes
  • bob with texturing along the sides
  • stunning hairdo
  • haircut with a gradated neck
  • short silver hair
  • short textured bob
  • easy to style men's haircut
  • sleeked short men's hair
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Each cut expresses its own nature with bold strokes, perfectly proportioned lines, shapes that come from nature but were translated into art by a skilled visionary of the new medium hair.
Vivid colors are just as important as the graphics and the geometry. The palette boasts natural pigment from the reds to blondes to deep charcoal. All colors are rich in shine and luminosity.
Hairstyles: Michel Dervyn
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