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Uniform by Framesi

Simplicity comes in a new outfit. Redefined by the hair artists at Framesi a simplified approach to great hair fashion is expressed in their "uniform" collection. Matching the current trend to military inspired clothes, hair by Framesi follows its own rhythmic beat.
  • hairstyle that makes the neck look longer
  • feminine short haircut
  • short boyish haircut
  • split fringe hairstyle
  • layered hairdo
  • haircut with textured tips
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The hairstyles are not to be mistaken with other minimalist creations and the simplicity is not necessary found in the lines and features of the very refined cuts, but in their essence and how they fit into the life of whoever wears them. The goal is to declutter one's life, surroundings and even the whole world and make things easy. This great mission has been accomplished with bravo and in a superb palette of colors.
Feminine expression and energy is at the center of the collection. Cuts and styling strive to soften harsh lines with much texture, volume in the right places and the use of highly reflective color that radiate with subtle intensity.
video Hair: Framesi
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