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Ikonomakis Creations

Greece is the land where dreams are still made. The Gods of Hellas have blessed us with Sirtaki, Bouzouki, Metaxa, Moussaka, oracles and so much more. Artists, Philosophers and in short the cradle of culture are at home in this land of amazing flavors and melodies.
  • elaborate upstyle
  • hairdo for short blonde hair
  • short clipped neck hairstyle
  • punky cut
  • girl with mohawk
  • extreme hair color
  • spiky hair style
  • patterned buzzcut
  • tattoo style buzzcut
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Ikonomakis Salons now bring us the Greek flavor with their sassy collection of hip hairstyles that are full of passion, sunshine, expressive shapes and color like the country they were born in.
Skilled use of scissors and color meet the creativity that is fueled by Aegean sunshine and the Greek savoir vivre. Each look is a celebration. Each one is unique and made for vibrating people in a fun filled world. OPAH!
Hairstyles: Ikonomakis - Greece