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Short Stories by BUNDY BUNDY

BUNDY BUNDY’s trendy collection
The creative genius Alexander McQueen once famously said that people will either “love or hate” the trendy colour purple. Today’s verdict is unequivocal: we love purple! Leading designers, including Christian Dior, Dolce&Gabbana and Salvatore Ferragamo agree and have been showing creations in all shades of purple, ranging from lilac and blackberry to aubergine during their prêt-à-porter shows.
This was a source of inspiration for BUNDY BUNDY’s artistic team, prompting it to develop the perfect match for this trend: “short stories”! It’s a trendy short haircut in a radiant blonde that is so incredibly versatile that it can tell a new story every day. Plus, it likes to flirt with our new favourite colour.
  • short hair cut for modern women
  • short hair with sharp partition lines
  • sexy look for short hair
  • long spiky strands for short hair
  • shorthaired look
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BUNDY BUNDY’s new trendy colours
BUNDY BUNDY’s new trendy short haircuts collection is bound to become a real head-turner. Fashion and hair bond over a shade of exquisite blonde. Thanks to BUNDY BUNDY’s exclusive colouring technique, Luxury Shades (especially developed by BUNDY BUNDY’s artistic team), today’s trendy colours are now available for the hair as well. By mixing cold and warm shades, we achieve a sheer endless palette of colours.
“Luxury shades“ is art for your hair: thin strands of hair are individually coloured in a large variety of colours, running the gamut from a beige honey blonde to platinum and a reddish violet. Inspired by the characteristic painting style of pointillism, BUNDY BUNDY creates a unique colour composed of numerous nuances, visually blended together to form a harmonious whole. So it is hardly surprising that hair artists from BUNDY BUNDY’s artistic teams are often compared to the most renowned painters of that era (Georges Seurat, Paul Signac and Henri Edmond Cross).
BUNDY BUNDY’s new short haircuts
The upcoming autumn/winter season will revolve around flexibility and sophistication. The new cutting techniques allow for a large variety of personal styling options that will fit today’s multi-faceted woman like a glove. Expertly combining short and long elements, BUNDY BUNDY’s artistic team gives women the opportunity to change their look in no time at all, whether it’s a high-powered businesswoman, a glamorous diva or a sexy seductress. In a nutshell: style it up to fit your mood!
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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