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Cascade of Waving Hair

This is a study in contrasts, this strawberry-blonde beauty with a long-layered haircut and a cascade of waving hair. The off-centered parting and extra long bangs swept to the side say 'innocence' while the wind-blown look says 'wild'.

Her porcelain skin is accented by the application of soft pink blush and satiny pink lip color giving her a dewy glow, while the eyes are shaded in a dark smoky shade of greenish blue. The eyes are lightly lined and the lashed darkened causing the icy blue of her eyes to shine with an almost uncanny luminosity.
Even her clothing is itself a contradiction. The cut and design is that of a traditional short-sleeved sweater with a high-ribbed circle collar, and a long placket loaded with buttons. The style would be right out of a James Dean film, but for the fact it's is made in leather. It's fitted and tailored to follow all the curves of the female form. The look epitomizes the ideal of the good girl gone bad.
David Cardona - Los Angeles Fall 2003 Collection
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