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Long Smooth Hair

This ginger-haired lady has long, smooth hair which are razor-textured to soften the ends. The color is soft and natural with only the subtlest highlights. The style is blown-straight, ironed smooth and parted just off center with a shallow parting to add interest to the look.

A soft, peachy look to the make-up is perfect for the creamy complexion. The eyes have been given fine lining and smoky shading with a neutral tone. The light blush and matte finish lip color are both in a soft peach and give the appearance that no make-up is being worn at all.
The toga style shift dress in turquoise blue satin works beautifully with the model's ginger locks. It is a classy yet romantic look ideal for an evening out when you want to be THE 'goddess of the night'.
Gaspard Yurkevich - Paris Spring 2004 Collection
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