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Hippy chic hair
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Trend Report
Bernd Nicolaisen, Moving Hair Creative-Director, says, 'For the new Satellite Collection, the Moving Hair art team drew inspiration from the 60s. We focused on wearable, fresh hair shapes in muted and marbled colors. Strong, precise cuts with emphasis on the base, combined with playfully free hair structures, bring out the individual image in the look, 'be different – be individual.'
The Cut: Geo 07
The trend: The key element is the classic elegance of the haircut. Radical 'Geo Cuts' introduce shapes rich in contrast to the contours, creating a fresh and sexy appearance. Sometimes undercut, other times overcut, long, foundation-oriented lines alternate with rounded bangs. Structures that seem to have been modeled by chance add a spunky touch, providing versatility and chic to the different versions.
Opal Lights
New hair coloring techniques add mood and atmosphere to hairstyles. Soft, muted shades complement the cuts perfectly. The secret lies in the 'Opal Lights' coloring technique: Moving Hair creates fine panels in a star shape throughout the upper hair. Three nuanced shades, finely tuned with the natural hair color, result in light reflexes that appear as if crafted by Mother Nature.
New Waves
The trend: light asymmetry in hair in motion. This 'hippie chic' style is achieved with a partial volume wave. Inspired by the 'beat generation,' strong layering of the hair supports the raw, urban volume of the styling.

Choppy Short Haircut

Choppy haircut with wispy ends and red to blue shades
Urban elves sport a new look. Asymmetrical and choppy cut areas seamlessly blend into a rounded silhouette, lightened by layers and wispy ends. The contour of the bangs is disrupted, with varying lengths catching the eye. Colors enhance the scene, ranging from red to blue against the natural dark tone.

Fluffed Up Back

Short hairstyle with a fluffed up back and top
Sugar and spice. Straight and tousled. The new looks celebrate contrasts within one hairstyle. Playfulness meets clear boundaries, gaining new energy from this juxtaposition. The base cut features precise edges framing the face in a rounded bow.
The top and the back are fluffed up and wispy to break up the routine. A golden blonde with reddish accents is ideal for this style.

Choppy Spiky Hair

Hairstyle with different lengths and choppy spiky fringes
An homage to the Britpop bands of the 80s, this hairstyle thrives on controversy, breaking all the rules. Different lengths and choppy, spiky fringes on the crown disrupt precise lines.
Extra-long bangs complement the long sideburns and super long strands in the back. Dip it in some dark berry shades and see what the night has in store.

Ultramodern Hairstyle

Ultramodern hairstyle, tapered and with different lengths
Set new accents at the office. Ultramodern doesn't have to clash with the workplace. Show your style and individuality with this look. Rounded bangs sweep into artfully designed layers, partially tapered, partially chopped, with varying lengths, all true to the basic classic shape.
Layers of color, here in chocolate to vanilla tones, create a three-dimensional effect that adds volume.

Eye-catching Hairstyle

Eye-catching short hairstyle with one strand that is left long
What started as a classic bob turned into a pleasant surprise. Clean and precise lines flow from around the face and beneath the ears to the neck, transitioning into longer layers with wispy edges on the other side.
As an eye-catcher and balancing element, one strand is left long on the opposite side. Marbled colors in various red and blonde tones look best.

Hair Styled Diagonally

Hair styled with sides that cling to the cheekbones
Contrast through a change in direction. Straight vertical lines find their counterpart in a windswept upper portion of hair styled diagonally over the face. All movement is centered on the crown of the head.
The sides and back are combed straight down, clinging to the cheekbones. Three tones from dark copper to honey blonde create fullness.

Hair with Lively Curls

Hairstyle with a light wave, lively curls and a modern flair
Strong layers from the crown to the shoulder are put in motion by a light wave, turning straights into lively curls. Shorter layers around the face, together with the rounded bangs, are kept straighter, adding a delightful contrast that gives this romantic hairstyle its urban and modern flair. Red tones lift up the dark base tone and bring more volume.

Sassy Curls

Hairstyle with sassy spicy curls and straight portions
Sassy, spicy curls, but not as you may be used to. This wavy creation has a new flavor created with straight and heavier portions contrasting with the wispy curls. Bangs are the key ingredient of the new hairstyle, pulled diagonally to one side. Fiery red and blonde highlights provide the finishing touch.

Hairstyle with Strong Lines

Hair with strong lines and long strands in the neck
Strong cutting lines, reminiscent of a cubist painting, are the seductive element of this new look. A short area interrupts the sleek, blunt silhouette over the ear. The bangs are cut in a sweeping, exact curve, and the hair is thick and straight.
It all ends with long strands at the neck, thinning out towards the ends. Purple and red are the colors of choice.

Helmet Look Haircut

Long hairstyle with a helmet-like rounded base
A classic warrior princess swept into the 21st century. A helmet-like rounded base cut is combined with longer strands, tapered layers, and frizzy edges that pleasantly contradict the super strict and neat bangs. New hair color techniques work magic with tones from strawberry to merlot and honey blonde.

Longer Hair on Top

Male hairstyle with longer strands on top and star shape coloring
Layers upon layers, both in hair and color, are created in slices overlapping each other. Very short hair on the sides of the head supports the longer strands on top, adding volume. This is further enhanced by a coloring technique that forms a star shape around a center, layering dark and very light tones.

Long Zigzag bangs

Men's hairstyle with long zigzag combed bangs and highlights
The contrast lies in the length. Texture galore on the crown, derived from short and dense layers, forms the background to straight, long bangs that are zigzag combed at the high partition.
Highlights in sandy and cool blonde tones on a chocolaty base enhance the texture and volume of this ultra-cool men's hairstyle.
All photos ©Moving Hair – Switzerland
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