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"Satellite" Hairstyles Collection

Moving Hair - Switzerland

Bernd Nicolaisen, Moving Hair Creative-Director: “For the new “Satellite Collection” the Moving Hair art team took their inspiration from the 60s. We focused on wearable, fresh shapes of hair in muted and marbling colors. Strong, super exact cuts with emphasis on the base, combined with playfully free hair structures, all bringing out the individual image in the look, “be different – be individual.”
The Cut: “Geo 07”
The trend: the key element is the classic elegance of the haircut. Radical “Geo Cuts” bring shapes rich in contrast to the contours and let the looks appear fresh and sexy. At times undercut, other times overcut. Long, basis oriented lines alternate with rounded bangs. Structures modeled as if by chance appear spunky and give some versatility and chic to the different versions.
  • hair fluffed up
  • choppy short hairstyle
  • different lengths hairstyle
  • very modern hairstyle
  • haircut eyecatcher
  • diagonal fringe
  • lively curls
  • sassy curls
  • strong lines haircut
  • helmet look
  • star shep coloring
  • zigzag bangs
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“Opal Lights”
The new techniques in hair coloring create mood and atmosphere in the hairstyles. Soft, muted shades correspond perfectly with the cuts. The secret: With the coloring technique “Opal Lights” Moving Hair creates fine panels in a star shape right into the upper hair. Three nuances that are finely tuned with the natural color of the hair result in light reflexes that appear as if made by Mother Nature.
New Waves
The trend: light asymmetry in hair that is in motion. This “hippie chic” is created with a partial volume wave. In memory of the later “beat generation” strong layering of the hair support the raw, urban volume of the styling.
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