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Casual Look Hairstyle

Wild and casual is the best way to describe this long hairstyle. Our model sports a lion's mane of long layers, styled straight and filled out with hair extensions in chunks of highlighting and low-lighting colors.
The fullness and width of the style gives balance to the model's slightly narrow face. (Note: Few women will be able to achieve this look without the addition of extensions. And given the type of extensions present, a woman will need to spend a minimum of $500 to get the desired fullness.)

The make-up look is evening wear light, with the primary focus on the eyes. Finely applied eyeliner lines and minimal mascara on the lashes open up the eyes, while the soft rich brown shadows bring out the green of the eyes. Neutral pink cheek color and soft satiny lip color finish the look naturally and give a fresh, yet sultry appearance.
The ensemble consists of denim pants in a rust-tinted tan with flap-covered front pocket and extended loop accents on the button closures. The denims also feature a wide waistband with rows of studwork for decoration. A light, off-the-shoulder long-sleeved sweater with eyelet details on the bodice is worn under a rust-colored rib-knit tank top sweater with front a half-placket of buttons.
Her necklace is a mock-fetish doll made of gold and semi-precious stones suspended from a golden chain. This is a look that's ready to hit party on the local college campus or dance club.
Rebecca Beson - Los Angeles Fall 2005 Collection
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