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Long Layers & Eye-Length Bangs

This beautiful brunette model has very long hair cut into super-long layers (razor textured on the ends) with eye-length bangs. The subtle highlight, lowlight and main colors range from that of strong black coffee to a rich chestnut color. The hair is styled with a center parting and one side pulled away from the face and held by a beaded barrette and hangs in long swerving spirals.

The model's light olive complexion is given a natural look by the use of neutral blush and lip colors, while the eyes are shaded in rich browns with finely lined eyes and mascara coated lashes for a smoky, seductive look.
Her ensemble takes an opaque, blousy black turtleneck and places it under a tabard-style vest with a mandarin collar and angled off-set placket in soft beige/buff color. The vest is decorated with a geometric design dark blue glitter and contrasting red fibers for a feathery texture. The overall look is conservative elegance, suited for eveningwear.
Hong Kong Luxe - New York Fall 2004 Collection
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