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"Ambres Vintage" Hairstyles

The coloration collection L'Oreal Professionnel "Ambres Vintage" has three goals:
1. Surprise: with new coloring effect, that reflects the spirit of this season's fashion trends perfectly.
2. Inspire: with a new product and procedure offer that lets coiffeurs and their clients have the status of a fashion acteur.
3. Share: during special events with the press, in the salons and on the streets.
Color taste - brown and amber
Amber, the tree resin with many deep reflexes is synonymous with a mysterious aura, an authentic gem and distinctive femininity. Amber has many nuances and also shows a large palette of brown tones. Amber dulls over time, but receives new gleam through polishing. This versatility incorporated in our eyes the spirit of the new season.
Fashion mood - vintage spirit
The vintage spirit sets the tone. Today "Vintage" is a frequently used word out of the fashion dictionary.
- Unique piece that was made 10, 20 or 50 years ago and was worn according to that era.
- Thanks to a new design these pieces today are seen as typical for a current style.
- The vintage spirit is a valuable source of inspiration for fashion design.
  • short carré hairstyle
  • short vintage hairstyle
  • medium long mahogany hair
  • double cut effect hair
  • vintage look with waves for long hair
  • long vintage hair with curls
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The creative side of L'Oreal Professionnel Looks is all about:
General spirit: a private, personal hairstyles collection. An intimate ambiance for three female personalities. The mysterious and scheming atmosphere of three female characters that are unfolding and sharing their secrets among each other. Vintage Beige, Vintage Mahogany, Vintage Gold - individual personal worlds that are connected by a sense of retreat to a more intimate place.
Colors: the variety of amber brown tones in harmonious and inspiring color trios open up possibilities for each customer to personalize and stylize color combination.
Coloring technique: color zones that remain hidden; only the woman and her coiffeur share the secret. Effects that flow into each other and dual tone zones, gradated, asymmetrical and with finesse. The coloring techniques of this collection have numerous ingenious tricks that are easy to use in the salon.
Signature cut and styling: it combines a sleek and neat upper portion with a structured lower area, that mirrors the specific ambiance of each inspired world. The effect of a double cut, whose limit is underlined or understated depending on the spectacular metamorphosis of the style based on cut and color.
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