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Geometric Colors

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To fulfill the expectations of each individual woman, L'Oreal Professionnel offers two interpretations of tendencies: Majirel and Luocolor. Two opposite formulas of oxidative coloring that appeal to different types of women. Two visions of the collection that enable the coiffeur to offer the trends to more clients, so that each one finds an interpretation that is exactly to her taste.
Luocolor: In the color you find a combination of tones that usually would neutralize each other: iridescent and gold. In the technique they are used as veils of colors. In the cut you find maxi bangs and neo bob + lightness in the lengths. Creation of a natural movement, a soft breeze, that enlivens the hair.
Majirel: The color shows geometrical sections. The effect of colors flowing into each progressively is created.
The cutting lines are straight and clean with geometrical touches. The hair is straightened to create a shiny surface. The material is perfectly fixated and disciplined.
Collection "Geometric Colors" seen from Luocolor:
Luocolor should appeal to an active, spontaneous and alternative woman, who wishes a transparent color with much lucidity, meche effects with a surface. For this woman luocolor has translated the tendencies into ACTIVE POP. ACTIVE stands for the positive energy, the dynamic element and the sportive influence. POP stands for the intense colors that are combined with round and opulent shapes.
This combination results in a mix of retro and future, with a touch sci-fi and a whiff of Manga. The lines take on the art of space ships; the accessories turn into techno toys.
  • carré hairstyle
  • effilated hair
  • wild long hair
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Collection "Geometric Colors" seen from Majirel:
Majirel is an oxidative coloring formula that appeals to the sophisticated, elegant and self-confident woman. She wishes for a deep color and a perfect covering for absolute beauty. For this woman the tendencies for the collection "geometric colors" are translated with GRAPHIC ICON. GRAPHIC: stands for geometrical shapes and oversized volume as well as for straight, technological and ultra modern matter. ICON: stands for the strong and sophisticated woman. It can be looked at as a synonym for perfection, discipline and glamour.
This interpretation is in the light of elegant combinations from the legacy of architectural fashion, inspired by radical shapes and the volume of futuristic designers as well as the strength of primal shapes, like primitive totems, that bring out the geometrical and massive aspect in the sense of an ethno chic ambiance.
  • effilated hair
  • gloss effect hair
  • neo bob hairstyle
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