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Thick Fringe

The long hairstyle seen here on our model showcases a thick fringe and long layers that work together to create a sexy, textured look. Cutting a full fringe is a great way to add drama to a hairstyle, and also works to draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.
This model's hair has been razor-cut to provide sleek layers, which helps create volume and flow, especially for those with really thick hair. The best way to showcase this look is with a great color, such as the rich chocolate-brown shade seen here.

Dramatic hairstyles such as this need little embellishment, so try to keep makeup minimal and natural. Eye shadows in earthy shades such as taupe, camel, or beige are a great way to highlight your eyes. Add a touch of bronzer or neutral-blush to warm up you skin tone and finish with a subtle lip color in a rose, plum, or coral shade.
The dress seen here is both simple and striking. The v-neck and tailored fit add drama, while the rich color and satiny texture complement the hair and face. Try a similar outfit for a great evening look, or wear a pair of straight-leg jeans and flowery top for a flattering daytime look.
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