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Hairstyles Winter 2011-2012

  • long hairstyle with a sidepart
  • shoulder length hair with waves and volume
  • long hair with a folded fringe
  • simple upstyle
  • casual updo with volume
  • curls for men
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Carpy pushed beauty to new limits and redefines style for a new season. Extreme elegance and feminine expression are the main ingredients in this delectable collection, which also includes one hairstyle for men.
The hair is long and styled to soft, curvy, exquisitely elegant styles. It is an evolution of various looks all based on the same cut. Tradition and modern ideas meet with the result of truly cosmopolitan hairstyles.
Understatement and simplicity are the seasonings that make these looks so rich and unforgettable. Color follows the understated theme and remain in demure, warm brown tones. As essential as the color is in a hairstyle, in this collection it takes a step back and allows the focus to be on the cut and shape of the hair and the woman or man who wears it.
Hairstyles: Carpy
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